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.craft drought. September 8, 2011

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I have really missed being creative in the craft area in recent times…life has been full of many things, but that has not included much crafting!  So I am attempting to pick up somewhere I left off a couple of months ago. 

Here are a couple of cards I got around to, plus the original cards that got me started on them.

You’re So Special by Kiara Lee (Cards Magazine, Jan 2010)

 Happy Birthday by Alisha Gordon (Cards Magazine, Jan 2010)

I am about to head off on holiday with the fam, so I’m hopeful there will be some relaxing days whre I can enjoy making some bits and pieces again.  
Love Ruth xx

.so many ideas, so little time. July 22, 2011

I wish I didn’t need sleep.  Then I could complete all the things I need to do as well as enjoy endless creative time.  But as it turns out, I am one of those people that needs an optimum amount of 9 hours sleep a night.  So annoying.  That doesn’t work so well when you are a night owl and get woken up in the mornings by small people being very loud!!  But as much as I’d love to be a 7-hours-of-sleep-morning-person, I would not change the small, loud people part ever! 

So in the interest of not dropping off the blogosphere, I am posting these random creative projects tonight before heading off to bed.

(I like the fighting robots in the background!)


I didn’t make the dress, just the flower on it.

Lollypop birthday card… 

…with felt lollypop fridge magnet attached.
Hope you enjoyed these projects, and hope you have a fabulous weekend ahead of you!
Ruth x

.happy rainbow. July 7, 2011

Rainbows always manage to make me smile…they are so unexpected and downright beautiful.  (When I say unexpected, well, I know they come after the rain, but sometimes they just seem to appear before your eyes, and often fade while you are staring at them).  Having children around when they do appear is one of my life’s little pleasures.  My boys get so excited, jump up and down, and say delightful fairytale-like things, such as (5 year old:) “Oh Mummy, it’s so beautiful, isn’t it?!” (followed by 2 year old echo:) “Bootiful, isn’t it?”

Even though I do love rainbows, I don’t normally go for them in design or decor.  But the current Embellish Magazine Colour Challenge with Rainbows is just too pretty not to play along with.

(Image byTina Fussell of Flying House Studios, via Embellish Magazine blog).

So, inspired by these lovely images and the creations of the Embellish team, here is my card:

There was even some sunshine today to photograph it by…Tasmanian sunny winter days are fantastic!

Love Ruth x


.sweet as. May 28, 2011

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There’s something about going to a lolly shop to make you feel like a kid again.  I love taking my boys to old fashioned lolly shops and letting them pick out some favourites.  And then I pick out a few favourites for me and my husband too, as they always seem to have those lollies from your childhood that bring back good memories.  My best friend and I made many countless trips to the local store to spend our change as kids.  It was in the days when 20c could buy you are nice handful of lollies.  And if you were ever lucky enough to have $1 to spend, you could buy the hugest bag of mixed lollies.  I don’t think I ever got to do that, but 20c worth was still pretty great. 

So this card is a little reminiscent of my childhood…I made it a while ago for a new baby girl, but I guess it could work for almost any happy occasion. 

The lollies are pieces of ribbon crossed over and stuck in place with double-sided mounting tape.  The ribbon wrappers could also make for a cute kid’s room wall art piece, if you were up to making lots of wrappers and attaching them to a canvas.

Hoping you are having a sweet and enjoyable weekend.

Love Ruth x


.pink and blue. May 22, 2011

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I think I love making baby cards the best of all because where I try to hold back on fussiness and frilliness on birthday, thankyou, etc. cards, I don’t feel the same need to do so when a little person comes into the world.  Maybe it’s because I remember the lovely fuss that was made over our two boys when they were born, and I think every baby and especially their parents deserve being made a fuss of in some big or small way.  Well, a card is a small way, but if you are a card-maker, then you would agree with me that a lot of love goes into those little message holders. (o:  

I usually enjoy making things that are girlie, because there is so much boy stuff in my household!  But I think I prefer the boy version of this card.

Hope you have been enjoying your weekend immensely!

Love Ruth x


.everything. July 21, 2010

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Everything is not perfect.  Everything is not running smoothly.  My life is messy, disorganised, frustrating, tiring and somedays completely mad.  But everything is good.  Even the bad often turns out good, or fades into something else that is good.  Good doesn’t mean always happy, always on top of the world or always simple.  But it means I am able to smile to myself in the midst of it all because I know that God instigated “good” with creation and hasn’t stopped since, even in my rather ignorant and often average life.  That’s very good news to me.   

Recently, I found a devoted craft blogger named Pam who has decided to offer a card challenge for 365 days in a row…so there’s always a new point of inspiration on her blog, 365 Cards.  I found one from a few days ago called Create Your Own , which had options to choose from from 4 different lists:

     List A – Pick a Pattern
     List B – Color Trio
     List C – Embellishment and
     List D – Shape
      So the card shown above is my buttoned paisley heart card in pink, lavender and blue!
     Love Ruth x


.in need of flowers. July 6, 2010

It’s one of those winter days where the fog barely lifts.  You need x-ray vision for driving, at least in some parts of town (my street, for example), and you just can’t seem to get your toes warm.  So in the midst of the winter fog, I am in need of some flowers, and a card is the perfect way to get some quickly and easily!

Hope you find a way to get some brightness into your day also.

Love Ruth


Card designed for Moxie Fab World Layout Inspiration Challenge and Just Add Ink Sketch Challenge #24

I have taken inspiration from the button flowers in the semi-circle on the RHS of the MFW Scrapbook Layout, and from the simplicity of the JAI Sketch.