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.fly away home. July 31, 2010

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Ethan and I made a chocolate birds nest this week, and he was so stoked to make it, fill it with foil eggs and then eat it!

Embellish Magazine are having a challenge featuring a pink, brown and green colour scheme and incorporating birds.  So if there was ever a challenge that I had to participate in, this would be it.  And Moxie Fab World have a beautiful Shabby & Vintage challenge going at the same time.


The flower is 8 layers of scalloped circles, sprayed and scrunched ’til it resembles one of those old country garden roses that Nanna used to grow.  I can almost smell them now…

As much as I love pretty birdcages, I’d much rather see a bird fly away home to its nest…

And yes, that is a doily you can see peeping out of the top!  This card just seemed to be calling out for one. (o:

Enjoy your lovely Saturday afternoon.

Love Ruth

Stamp set: Paper Chic by Christina Re

Papers: Cre8tiv Oriental Designs

Ribbon & Pearls : KaiserCraft


.sweet Ivy Ruth. July 28, 2010

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Recently, a beautiful little girl named Ivy Ruth joined her proud new parents on the outside, and I am very honoured to share a name with her!  Every time I mention her to Ethan by her first name only, I am politely reminded that she is “Ivy Ruth, like mummy”…very sweet. 

When Ivy was born, I wanted to make her a cute little felt bird rattle.  So when I set up my Molto Piccolo Facebook Group not long after that, I just had to name that design an ‘Ivy Birdie’ after her. 

Here are some photos of Ivy with her gift…

It is always worth tasting your toys to establish whether you really like them or not...

CONGRATULATIONS to Dani & Kristie – your new daughter is completely adorable!


Th original version was white on one side and chocolate on the other, but more recently I have made the same design in grey/pink. 

Hope you’re enjoying your week and finding lots of lovely things to be inspired by.

Love Ruth x

(Ivy Birdies are available for $9.50 and can be ordered via this blog or via my Facebook page).


.everything. July 21, 2010

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Everything is not perfect.  Everything is not running smoothly.  My life is messy, disorganised, frustrating, tiring and somedays completely mad.  But everything is good.  Even the bad often turns out good, or fades into something else that is good.  Good doesn’t mean always happy, always on top of the world or always simple.  But it means I am able to smile to myself in the midst of it all because I know that God instigated “good” with creation and hasn’t stopped since, even in my rather ignorant and often average life.  That’s very good news to me.   

Recently, I found a devoted craft blogger named Pam who has decided to offer a card challenge for 365 days in a row…so there’s always a new point of inspiration on her blog, 365 Cards.  I found one from a few days ago called Create Your Own , which had options to choose from from 4 different lists:

     List A – Pick a Pattern
     List B – Color Trio
     List C – Embellishment and
     List D – Shape
      So the card shown above is my buttoned paisley heart card in pink, lavender and blue!
     Love Ruth x


.giveaway winner. July 19, 2010

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Thankyou so much to those of you who entered my little giveaway by commenting or signing up to my blog!  I appreciate it stacks!

I have conducted the draw and even though I know there are random draw generators on the web, I preferred the old fashioned way – pulling a name out of a hat (well, a bowl, actually) with the assistance of Mini-Felt-Babushka-Doll.

So the winner of my Six Month Blog Anniversary (really, any reason for a celebration!) is…….(drum roll)


Congratulations Melissa.  Here is your little prize all ready to make it’s way to you…

So I found some gorgeous images to be inspired by – they are taken by TravelingMama, one of my favourite bloggers, who I know I have mentioned many times before. 

They form the basis of inspiration for the new Embellish Magazine Challenge.

As the colour turquoise and travel photos are two of my favourite things, I couldn’t resist.  I have not yet travelled to Spain (although it’s very high on the list!) and it reminds me so much of beautiful Portugal, its lovely neighbour.  I can almost feel the sun and taste the pastries now…*contented-memory-induced-sigh*

So this card is a little bit vintage and a little bit clean and simple.  And reminding me a lot of that wonderful part of the world.

Got any favourite travel memories?  You know I love to talk holidays, so leave me a comment and share the travel love!

Ruth xx


.six months old. July 8, 2010

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I have been blogging for six months today, and it’s been so much fun and a great outlet for me to share my creative musings and little creations.  Thanks for your support and the time that you’ve taken to look/read/comment, it means a lot!

I am also nearing 2,500 visitors, so thought that a little giveaway was in order.  Either subscribe to this blog or leave a comment at the bottom of this post by the end of next Wednesday 14th July and you will automatically go in the random draw to win the following little pack of goodies:


I am loving the simplicity of the Just Add Ink current sketch challenge, (see below) as it gives so many possibilities.  So here’s a happy little card to {hopefully} brighten you day…


Love Ruth x

Beautiful Cakes image from Aesthetic Lolita


.in need of flowers. July 6, 2010

It’s one of those winter days where the fog barely lifts.  You need x-ray vision for driving, at least in some parts of town (my street, for example), and you just can’t seem to get your toes warm.  So in the midst of the winter fog, I am in need of some flowers, and a card is the perfect way to get some quickly and easily!

Hope you find a way to get some brightness into your day also.

Love Ruth


Card designed for Moxie Fab World Layout Inspiration Challenge and Just Add Ink Sketch Challenge #24

I have taken inspiration from the button flowers in the semi-circle on the RHS of the MFW Scrapbook Layout, and from the simplicity of the JAI Sketch.



.molto piccolo on facebook. July 5, 2010

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I have a simple little Facebook page for you to join up to if you would like to!  Click here to go to it.

It serves the purpose of showcasing all the things I have been selling in the last few months, as they are a bit hard to find on my blog when people have asked.  So this is {hopefully} a better way to show them to those interested.  I really need to get around to setting up a proper shop on Made It but that will have to wait for another day, and in the meantime, Facebook is a great way to get it out there!

I’ll just leave you with a happy friendship heart card that was for a special friends’ birthday recently.  Hoping you have lots of love and friendship in your life right now!

 Love, Ruth