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.new range. September 30, 2013

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I produced a new range of necklaces recently and they’ve been a hit at the markets and shop where I sell. They feature ombre beads and are imprinted on both sides…I’ve created them in green, blue, pink and red so far. This pink one, a custom order, is my favourite to date, so I thought I’d share it with you.

pink ombre beads

pink ombre beads2

Ruth 🙂

Available at The Wooden Box, Quadrant Mall, Launceston for $20, or direct by placing an order via the form below (free post in Australia):


.life. September 18, 2013

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I have a sentiment to share today…a very simple one.


If you are reading this and feel the need to roll your eyes, perhaps it’s time to press pause on everything, and force yourself to think of something that is beautiful about your life. If you honestly can’t give yourself an answer, it’s time to make some changes!

I’ve been stuck on how wonderful my sons are, and that is still true in the midst of the craziness that having young kids brings.
I adore my cat and how sweet and affectionate she is.
I really enjoy my coffee and make the most of every sip in the mornings.

What did you come up with?

Love Ruth x