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.pink and blue. May 22, 2011

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I think I love making baby cards the best of all because where I try to hold back on fussiness and frilliness on birthday, thankyou, etc. cards, I don’t feel the same need to do so when a little person comes into the world.  Maybe it’s because I remember the lovely fuss that was made over our two boys when they were born, and I think every baby and especially their parents deserve being made a fuss of in some big or small way.  Well, a card is a small way, but if you are a card-maker, then you would agree with me that a lot of love goes into those little message holders. (o:  

I usually enjoy making things that are girlie, because there is so much boy stuff in my household!  But I think I prefer the boy version of this card.

Hope you have been enjoying your weekend immensely!

Love Ruth x


4 Responses to “.pink and blue.”

  1. rdoumouras Says:

    Hi Ruth, love the cards. I think I like the blue one best too, I think it is because the pattern on the paper is more solid and the brad you used is stunning! Hopefully I will be getting my tin full of buttons this week – lots of goodies to play with!! Love Bec

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Thanks Bec, I also love that blue brad, Mel gave me a gorgeous set for my birthday which I keep along with my other embellishments in the box you made for me (o:

  2. Dear sweet Ruth!
    Hello 🙂 WOW I love these cards!!! The bow and the buttons and the use of the Notable ornate set, AWESOME!!!!! SOoooo pretty and definitively fussy in a wonderful way!!!
    Hope you are well,
    SMiles SHarnee 🙂

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