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.fun & cute/clean & graphic. August 2, 2010

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Recently I discovered there are official “styles” in cardmarking…fun and cute, and clean and graphic are two that are highlighted in the current issue of Cardstyle Magazine, and as both of them are not styles that come naturally to me, I thought I should definitely try them out.



It’s funny how when something is not your natural style, it doesn’t come easily, and you spend a lot more time playing with it, still not to be 100% happy in the end.  But I enjoyed playing with them anyhow! 

Shabby/vintage seems to be more my thing – as you can see in this post from a few days ago.

So, if you’re looking for a challenge when it comes to whatever your craft may be, have a look at what different styles are out there and give yourself some time to experiment, even if you turn out some duds.  Hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right!?

Ruth x

Fun & Cute and Clean & Graphic cards designed for Moxie Fab World’s  special Cardstyle Magazine challenges.


.in need of flowers. July 6, 2010

It’s one of those winter days where the fog barely lifts.  You need x-ray vision for driving, at least in some parts of town (my street, for example), and you just can’t seem to get your toes warm.  So in the midst of the winter fog, I am in need of some flowers, and a card is the perfect way to get some quickly and easily!

Hope you find a way to get some brightness into your day also.

Love Ruth


Card designed for Moxie Fab World Layout Inspiration Challenge and Just Add Ink Sketch Challenge #24

I have taken inspiration from the button flowers in the semi-circle on the RHS of the MFW Scrapbook Layout, and from the simplicity of the JAI Sketch.



.i want to ride my bicycle. June 22, 2010

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A few months ago, I rode a bike for the first time in {more than I can remember} years!  I did it as a bit of fun at a kid’s bike centre, and ended up doing a few more laps than necessary and enjoying it way more than I expected!  Such a simple thing, but I had forgotten the joy of riding a bike!  I spent half my childhood on a bike – first it was the royal blue Malvern Star that I shared with my brother, then a second hand BMX, then my Dad restored a vintage bike – a lighter shade of blue – for my 13th birthday.  Then I tried riding my brother’s cyclist bikes but that didn’t end well – a hair-raising ride down Mowbray Hill in Launceston with a Mac truck right behind me, and then a fall onto the road during a date with a new {cyclist} boyfriend which resulted in a broken wrist bone.  That was possibly the last time I rode, now that I think of it!  I was 17 at the time, so that’s just shy of 2 decades!!!  {Ouch – for the “two decades” bit, not the broken wrist bone bit!!}

But still the thought of bikes conjures up images of sunny Sunday afternoon rides with Dad, secret spy missions with my bro in the back blocks of Invermay, late afternoon cycle sprints to make it home by dinnertime, riding along my street with my feet on the handle-bars and my hands behind my head – for all of 10 seconds, I’m sure, but he memory remains! – and doing ‘mono’s’ in the park {I thought I was pretty cool keeping up with the boys, but truth be told, I wasn’t as good at them as I thought I was}.

So all that made it very enticing to take on the I Want to Ride My Bicycle challenge at Moxie Fax World. 

Vintage Bicycle Laptop Bag from TrackandFieldDesigns

I have been creating my own little tape images.  This bike is done using one, which involves printing an image, covering it with clear tape, soaking in water & rubbing off the paper residue.  Once it’s dry, you can stick it straight onto a project.

Hope you take the opportunity for a few joy-filled “bike-riding” experiences of your own {whatever they may involve} if you get the chance!  Let me know if you do, I’d love to hear…

Love Ruth x


.relax & eat something yummy. May 11, 2010

Sometimes, all I need to do is sit down and have a little treat to get me motivated again…I’m a little too food oriented, I think!  One day I definitely don’t feel guilty about that is Mother’s Day.  I got to sit down & have a cooked breakfast brought to me.  What a lovely start to the day.  Then given beautiful cards with hand-written names, and special presents that mean much more than the gifts themselves (although the gifts were great).

Now, if you are thinking this sounds a little too perfect, so it should!  Reason being, my very first Mother’s Day in 2006 was a little, well, surprising – no gifts, no card, no mention!  I was probably a little ungracious (Ha! A lot!) in my response, and ended up with a handmade card later in the day.  But one husband has learnt very well and continues to make up for it even now.  And the boys are learning well!

So, when it comes to Mother’s Day,  I shall have my cake & eat it too, if you don’t mind!!  Hope you enjoyed it too, if you are a Mum. (o:

Ruth x

Chair card created for:  Moxie Fab World’s Three Cheers for Chairs Challenge.

Eat Some Cake card created for: a friend’s 4th birthday.


.a cup of tea & a pink circle flower. April 20, 2010

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Sometimes a cup of tea solves lots of problems.  At least, if you are a tea drinker, of course! 

And paper flowers always make me smile, so I figure cups of tea & paper flowers go together in the “bring a smile to my face” category.

I needed some cards for some lovely friends and thought I’d get a little inspiration from a sketch idea that I found here.  I’ve never used a sketch before but the idea is growing on me. 

So here are my two creations that will find their way to some special people very soon.


.surely not – doilies and lace?!. March 12, 2010

Can’t believe I’m finding inspiration from doilies!  As proud as my Nanna would be, it seems so odd to me!  But it’s true, I’ve been co-erced by some unusual creative urge to incorporate the humble and previously very kitsch and daggy doily into one of my projects.  And it probably won’t be the last.

I’m blaming Moxie Fab World for this one…they have a doilies and lace challenge going!!

I started to see this little doily trend emerging not that long ago, and thought, “surely not!”  But it has grown on me, in some cases.  To the point that I had to try it.  But as is often the case with me, I was not patient enough to wait ’til I went to the supermarket next.  No, I had to make my own.  Turns out it’s so much easier that I thought it would be.  Cut one circle.  Fold 4 times.  Make seemingly pointless snips with sharp scissors.  Then open it up for a lovely doily-fied surprise! 

Always and Forever card

( The days have been a little duller outside, so the photos came out quite dark.  Much clearer if you click on the photos as they open up to larger versions).

Gorgeous hardware from Stampin' Up! - Filigree Brads

Rhinestones also make an appearance

It never ceases to amaze me how things get reinvented.  Like this use for paper doilies below, which I actually love.  I think the thumbtacks are right up there with the chalk on our walls – actually, they have got to be worse, given they make an actual hole! – so I’m not about to try this one out.  But I sure love how it looks here in this photo from Apartment Therapy which I saw posted by Cath at MFW.

And now, just for fun, here are some serious uses of lace…on some shoes, of course.  They all look quite painful but extremely striking, you’d have to say.

Christian Louboutin lace boots from Style By Me.

Roberto Cavalli lace ankle boots from Geek Shoes.

Georgina Goodman ‘Heidi’ lace shoes from Polyvore.


.cards week craziness. February 26, 2010

If you are looking for some supersized inspiration, and countless amazing stamp-related prizes, (pretty much everything I can possibly think of in stamps that I would ever want – how did they know?!), then you really need to head over to Moxie Fab World!

There you will find info on the Stamp It! Magazine Cards Week which incorporates the Olympics of Stamping Challenge and the Stamping Royalty Contest.

Then there’s the Oh My Moxie Fab Stamp Giveaway which is equally as crazy as there are 43 stamps (sets & individuals) being given away! 

Wow, they are feeling madly generous this week!

Anyway, I, of course, felt compelled to participate!  Truth is, I had a birthday party for a sweet little 1 year old today, (Happy Birthday, Abby! xo) and as one of the Olympics of Stamping Challenge categories is Happy Birthday, I had to add it to their entries. 

Entries need to be mostly stamped so no patterned paper used here!

The dress design was inspired by this dress  shown on Paisley St Claire:

I also found a similar card concept on the Paper, Scissors and Superheroes  blog, by the seriously talented Betsy Veldman.  So gorgeous!

Well, have an amazing weekend ahead, and I will probably be chatting more when I’m a little bit older and a little bit wiser!!  (Cryptic, I know, but it’s as simple as I have a birthday looming that I can’t seem to avoid!)

Love Ruth x

Stamp sets used: Heart and polka dots from Stephanie Barnard’s Circle It! set

Flower and dragonfly from Stampin’ Up! Time Well Spent and Shades of Nature sets

Letters from Stampin’ Up! Rough Edges Alphabets

Vintage lace for sash