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.for japan with love. March 17, 2011

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I stumbled across a great initiative out there in blogland, and will be taking part in it…it’s called “For Japan with Love” and is an avenue to make relief donations as well as the group behind a Bloggers Day of Silence on Fri 18th March, as a display of respect and acknowledgement of the devestation in Japan right now.  I will be taking part in this day tomorrow.  I will use the time it would normally take me to put up a post, to go to For Japan With Love and make a donation via ShelterBox.

I encourage you to check out these links also.  Perhaps you like to give where you can – either to this relief fund or to any reputable organisation that is supporting the people of Japan.  Such a small thing to do in the face of it all, but when so many people do their little things, it eventually adds up to a very big thing, and although we can’t reverse the devestation, we can send love in practical ways.

Love Ruth x