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.embellish magazine colour challenge. June 30, 2010

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My second attempt at a baby card using the lovely colour combo from Embellish Magazine has been completed.  I really love these colours – so happy, and a little bit like summer, which is always good in the middle of winter in Tassie!

These papers are some of my favourites…Kaleidoscope from Stampin’ Up!  They are double sided and so beautiful.  The stamps are from Stephanie Barnard’s See D’s collection.

Enjoy the rain, if you somewhere like I am today!

Love Ruth x


.i want to ride my bicycle. June 22, 2010

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A few months ago, I rode a bike for the first time in {more than I can remember} years!  I did it as a bit of fun at a kid’s bike centre, and ended up doing a few more laps than necessary and enjoying it way more than I expected!  Such a simple thing, but I had forgotten the joy of riding a bike!  I spent half my childhood on a bike – first it was the royal blue Malvern Star that I shared with my brother, then a second hand BMX, then my Dad restored a vintage bike – a lighter shade of blue – for my 13th birthday.  Then I tried riding my brother’s cyclist bikes but that didn’t end well – a hair-raising ride down Mowbray Hill in Launceston with a Mac truck right behind me, and then a fall onto the road during a date with a new {cyclist} boyfriend which resulted in a broken wrist bone.  That was possibly the last time I rode, now that I think of it!  I was 17 at the time, so that’s just shy of 2 decades!!!  {Ouch – for the “two decades” bit, not the broken wrist bone bit!!}

But still the thought of bikes conjures up images of sunny Sunday afternoon rides with Dad, secret spy missions with my bro in the back blocks of Invermay, late afternoon cycle sprints to make it home by dinnertime, riding along my street with my feet on the handle-bars and my hands behind my head – for all of 10 seconds, I’m sure, but he memory remains! – and doing ‘mono’s’ in the park {I thought I was pretty cool keeping up with the boys, but truth be told, I wasn’t as good at them as I thought I was}.

So all that made it very enticing to take on the I Want to Ride My Bicycle challenge at Moxie Fax World. 

Vintage Bicycle Laptop Bag from TrackandFieldDesigns

I have been creating my own little tape images.  This bike is done using one, which involves printing an image, covering it with clear tape, soaking in water & rubbing off the paper residue.  Once it’s dry, you can stick it straight onto a project.

Hope you take the opportunity for a few joy-filled “bike-riding” experiences of your own {whatever they may involve} if you get the chance!  Let me know if you do, I’d love to hear…

Love Ruth x


.new babies. June 19, 2010

So many babies!  I know of four precious new little people who entered the world recently, and I am so excited for each of their parents – each one is the first child in the family!  So much celebration to be had. 

I went looking for a bit of quick inspiration for the first card and found I had an email waiting from Embellish Magazine with their latest challenge which is a colour challenge with a focus on babies!  Very timely.  Here’s the pic of inspiration:

I have always made baby cards using pink or blue, but these colours work so well together that I gave it a go.  Unfortunately, it’s a really dull time of year as far as light goes, even in the middle of the day with the lights on, so the pictures are a little dark…

This one is for a baby girl, so the next challenge is to do one using the same colours for a baby boy – not sure how I’ll go with that, but I’ll be sure to post it when it’s done.


Love Ruth x

P.S. Cards can always be viewed in closer detail by clicking on each image.


.Late Night Scrapping. June 17, 2010

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I don’t normally do scrapbooking.  I did years ago, but I can’t actually remember the last time I sat down and scrapbooked!  But The Shabby Tea Room has inspired me to do so with their Design Team Challenge. 

The same image from my last post is what inspired this page –

The colours and vintage style of this image is what I took ideas from, to reminisce a bit further about growing up.  Coincidentally, this photo was taken at my grandparents’ home that I mentioned yesterday.

It’s meant to capture a lot about growing up – old brown paper, string and staples (made lots of things from these when I was a kid!), pretty birds and leaves, and swirly patterns.  Hope you like!

Love Ruth


.The Shabby Tea Room. June 15, 2010

The Shabby Tea Room are looking for submissions from people interested in being on their Design Team…how exciting!  Thought I would take the challenge and create a slightly vintage, slightly shabby, tea-inspired card to answer the Design Team call!

The inspiration image is this:

I love this ornate teapot – the detailing and colours are very reminiscent of some things my grandmother had in her kitchen when I was growing up.  I watched many a cup of tea being poured out out of a pot like this while sitting up to the big kitchen table at her house in the country.  So I was very inspired to make something from the images it conjured up. 

My card that developed looks like this:

Vintage lace, odd buttons, kitchen twine and of course, a cup of tea, all put together to create a little collage that reminds me very much of my childhood days spent at my Nan’s house.  I can even smell the homemade jam cooking now! 

Sadly, that house doesn’t stand anymore.  It was situated in Westbury, Tasmania, and was a grand old place, hidden from the road by one of those massive country road hedges.  I had so much fun running around the inside perimiter of that hedge with my brother as we grew up.  But some years after my Nan sold it and moved to town (that would be Launceston), it was burned down in a housefire.  Another house is there now, and the hedge was pulled down due to partial fire damage.   


But regardless of the house having burnt to the ground, the memories are clear and vivid, and we have lots of old photos to remind us of a happy home that we loved visiting, and having “holidays” at.  So this card is a bit of a favourite of mine, because of all the good memories it evokes.

Well, I hope your day isn’t as rainy as mine, but if it is, enjoy it if you can!  I recommend taking little people outside, finding a big puddle and, yes, jumping in it.  Good for the adult who really wishes they were still a child. (o:

Love Ruth

The details:

Stamp sets: KaiserCraft Penny Royale, Stephanie Barnard See D’s, Stampin’ Up! Pocket Silhouettes

Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!

Ink: Whispers Archival

Ribbon: Stampin’ Up!, Lace, buttons, twine: vintage & various!