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.life as a bird. January 31, 2010

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Caged Bird Purse by Tabitha Emma

I recently discovered this adorable purse on Etsy:

Just when I thought that was to die for, I discovered this bag…

Bird Cage Bag by Tabitha Emma

Wow, they are super cute, especially to someone like me who loves birds in textile, paper and animated form!  (As I’ve said before, I’m a bit scared of real birds when I’m in close proximity).  They are both by Tabitha Emma, who I have mentioned here recently due to her lovely giveaway which I won!  (More on that in a moment).

Back to the birds…I absolutely love her little creations.  So they have, of course, inspired a card or two.  What do you think?

Birdcage inspired cards

Tulle, ribbon, ink, cardstock and a whole lot of double-sided tape!

Just add gathered ribbon, button and string!

Perhaps you are finding inspiration in all sorts of unexpected places lately, like I am.  Let me know where you are drawing ideas from and what they are developing into!

I also received my lovely prizes from Tabitha Emma’s giveaway on Friday so here is a little pic of me with one of the lovely items – a cute-as purse.  And yes, I have ‘softened’ the photograph – for several reasons – no make-up, late at night, very hot day and I’m not a great photographer!!! 

I love sweet little goodies that are also freebies!!!

It was my brother’s birthday yesterday, so I took on the challenge of “the male card”.  It’s not a challenge for the faint-hearted paper/craft loving gal.  It has to be masculine enough to avoid insulting the recipient, but crafty enough to satisfy the maker’s penchant for creating.  So this is what my big brother received and I think he was suitably ok with it!!

My favourite colours...turqoise, aqua and blue

The only stamping involved

Button & string - one of my favourite combos lately

Well, it’s time to go and watch the end of the Australian Open Men’s Final!  Have a wonderful day ahead.

Love Ruth x


.dazzled by colour. January 27, 2010

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Have found some incredible photographs to be wowed by.  They showcase the work of Interior Stylist Irina Graewe and you can view galleries of her current work on her website:  (Images are from her Africa Meets Neon collection). 

These colours are so fantastic!  I can’t believe how startlingly wonderful they look together.  So the natural result would be me wanting to make something that emulated these wonderful colour combinations.  So, time for a card project. 

The finished product

Mini pinwheels from folded punched circles, topped with a bead

Flower from the KaiserCraft Liore Valley Collection clear stamp set

Hope you like and maybe your projects will get an injection of brightness sometime soon thanks to Irina Graewe!


.australia australia.

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That flag is an awesome sight on any day, but even more so on Australia Day.  (Photo from  Hope you spent the day in some very appreciative way of our great and beautiful country.  I spent hours on the beach (very Australian!) in Ulverstone jet-skiing.  Even have some windburn and a tiny bit of sunburn to prove it!  (Yes, I did put lots of sunscreen on, but it is the Tasmanian sun after all!)

So guess what?  I arrived home very late last night to discover that I won!  Won what?  The gorgeous Tabitha Emma blog giveaway that I posted about a couple of days ago!!!  (See my post here:  I was so excited!  This image is from Tabitha’s blog and you can see her complete “And the Winner Is” post here: 

Isn’t that cool!

So now to my crafty things…today I am sending off my very first blog order – thanks to the lovely Emily who was my first blog customer!  I truly appreciate all the orders I am receiving for little handmade goodies and I hope each one of the recipients enjoy them immensely, whether you are giving them as gifts or keeping them for yourself. 

Hope Birdies Hair Snaps

Trés Bella Hair Slide

I am working on creating some little felt Babushkas that may end up on here sometime soon…the design is also perfect for cards so I will share them as soon as I can!


.tabitha emma giveaway. January 25, 2010

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One of the blogs that I check in on regularly is by Tabitha Emma, a Sydney-based designer and illustrator.

She has a wonderfully quirky and whimsical style and I always get a creative boost from her blog.

Tabitha Emma is holding her first ever giveaway, and the items pictured above make up the prize-pack.  It ends on 6pm Tuesday 26th January – Australia Day! – so if you’re interested in finding out more, here is the link for you:

Hope you are spending your Australia Day is some fantastic way.  Happy celebrating our most beautiful country.

Ruth xx


.the one that started it all. January 24, 2010

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I found the very first card that I ever made using stamps.  It was about 2 and a half years ago (according to the date embedded in the photos!) and was at a friend’s Stampin’ Up! workshop.  I did not know it would become an obsession!  But a rather enjoyable one for me {o:  It’s pretty basic and a bit crooked but I kinda like it anyway.  Even though I had been making cards for years before this one, I’d never seen the fascination with stamps before that workshop.  

It’s a matchbook style design, which means the front tucks under the little flap at the bottom when it’s closed. 

Another blast from the past that I stumbled across – this one is my version of a card that I first saw at that same workshop & fell in love with.  What a sweet little party dress.  My Mum and I used to draw countless dresses like this when I was a little girl, and often they’d end up as cutouts for paper dolls.  I dreamed of being able to make a real dress just like them, but I only ever seemed to work with paper and that was never going to work, was it?!  First trip to town in the rain and the outfit would have been ruined!!  

Don’t suppose you ever made paper dolls and cute little outfits?  Or maybe you had another grand pursuit as a child that you never really got out of your system?  I’d love to hear about it so be sure to leave a comment for me!

Love Ruth x


.elegant and beautiful. January 21, 2010

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The crane is such an elegant bird.  Due to its beauty and its apparently impressive mating dance, it is highly symbolic and well appreciated in many cultures.  It features often in artwork, and is the national bird of China, Nigeria and South Africa.  It also features very commonly in origami – perhaps it is the most well-known of all origami designs.  And who could forget that crane-kick beach training session which won the tournament in the final fight scene in Karate Kid?  (Or is that just me?!)

I made some paper cranes ages ago & have had them floating around my house for so long now that I almost don’t even notice them.  But every now & then, I’m reminded of the painstaking folding that brought them to life, and wish I had the patience to make many more.  I even hand-stamped my own paper in an oriental cherry blossom design to make them from.  Now that was a creative day!

Accrding to Wikipedia, cranes live on all continents except Antarctica and South America.  Call me ignorant, but I have never seen a crane in the flesh/feathers in Australia.  Then again, I haven’t been to all of Australia yet, so I guess I can’t really comment!  Just curious – apart from the paper versions, has anyone ever seen a crane in Oz??


.origami treasures. January 19, 2010

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I love trying out new origami patterns, and this is one of my favourites.  This flower is probably one of the quicker and easier origami designs that I have attempted.  It consists of five identical petals joined together. 

I have seen a whole bunch of these flowers (usually 12 or more) made into 3D balls, which look amazing!  These flower balls are called a kusudama, (which means “medicine ball” in Japanese but usually refers to a spherical paper model of identical paper units attached to each other).  I haven’t tackled a kusudama yet!

I used the following instructions from the website: to make my flower.  It also shows a kusudama example.  If you ever decide to make one, I’d love to know, and would happily post pictures of it on my blog!

View from the back

View from the side

I have a few more origami installments coming in the next week or so, but in the next day or two, I hope to share with you some wonderful interior styling that is sure to get your creative adrenalin moving!

Thanks for looking!

Love Ruth xx