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.The Shabby Tea Room. June 15, 2010

The Shabby Tea Room are looking for submissions from people interested in being on their Design Team…how exciting!  Thought I would take the challenge and create a slightly vintage, slightly shabby, tea-inspired card to answer the Design Team call!

The inspiration image is this:

I love this ornate teapot – the detailing and colours are very reminiscent of some things my grandmother had in her kitchen when I was growing up.  I watched many a cup of tea being poured out out of a pot like this while sitting up to the big kitchen table at her house in the country.  So I was very inspired to make something from the images it conjured up. 

My card that developed looks like this:

Vintage lace, odd buttons, kitchen twine and of course, a cup of tea, all put together to create a little collage that reminds me very much of my childhood days spent at my Nan’s house.  I can even smell the homemade jam cooking now! 

Sadly, that house doesn’t stand anymore.  It was situated in Westbury, Tasmania, and was a grand old place, hidden from the road by one of those massive country road hedges.  I had so much fun running around the inside perimiter of that hedge with my brother as we grew up.  But some years after my Nan sold it and moved to town (that would be Launceston), it was burned down in a housefire.  Another house is there now, and the hedge was pulled down due to partial fire damage.   


But regardless of the house having burnt to the ground, the memories are clear and vivid, and we have lots of old photos to remind us of a happy home that we loved visiting, and having “holidays” at.  So this card is a bit of a favourite of mine, because of all the good memories it evokes.

Well, I hope your day isn’t as rainy as mine, but if it is, enjoy it if you can!  I recommend taking little people outside, finding a big puddle and, yes, jumping in it.  Good for the adult who really wishes they were still a child. (o:

Love Ruth

The details:

Stamp sets: KaiserCraft Penny Royale, Stephanie Barnard See D’s, Stampin’ Up! Pocket Silhouettes

Cardstock: Stampin’ Up!

Ink: Whispers Archival

Ribbon: Stampin’ Up!, Lace, buttons, twine: vintage & various!