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For the love of all things "very tiny" {Italian}

.love something. March 28, 2010

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I found a great site which is completely dedicated toimages of things that people love.  It’s called We Heart It.

I couldn’t help including a few love-inspired pics here for a little inspiration, because in my opinion, you can never get enough romance, and you don’t find many things more inspiring that love…


.for the love of felt. March 25, 2010

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Felt is my next favourite thing to work with after paper.  It is so easy to create from, and is very adaptable.  I have been playing around with some new designs as I have landed my first stockist!  (More info on that when it’s all finalised!)  So I’m very excited to be putting together a collection, not just of felt items, but all sorts of molto piccolo {very tiny: Italian} goodies!!  

So here are the pics of a few new ones that have come about in the last few days.  Hope you like! 

Peace Birdie hairclip

Adapted from my original Hope Birdie hairclip design.  Original version is filled with stuffing!, and this one is a flat little thing. (o:

Yummy little cupcake hairclip

Yummy little Pink Swirl Cupcake hairclip

Filled with polyester goodness!

Polkadot Pinwheel hairclip

Swirly Candy hairband

Hmm, tempting!

Windmill hairband

All together, now!

 The flower/heart hairband is one that I made a while back and posted previously, see it here.

Eli just couldn't resist those lollies!!

Hope all is good for you on this lovely Thursday.

Love Ruth x


.long time no post.

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Well, 12 days have gone by since I last added to my blog.  Just want to say thanks to all of you who have been checking in on me.  Yes, we have all been a bit unwell (still have one sick little person) & we also celebrated a 4th birthday as well.  So all round, have simply not been able to sit & enjoy the luxury of a creative post.

But today, I finally get to return & enjoy a bit of craft-love.  I’ve been inspired by Made It sellers and have found some lovely pics that I enjoyed, so thought you might also.

Tomorrow, when the sun is hopefully out, I can take some pics of some things I’ve been working on & post them for you.

So til then, enjoy the images below!

Love Ruth x

I love my felt bits and pieces, and these are outstanding! From Ichigo Cafe

Made It seller Ichigo Cafe

That's a balloon-ride I would like to take! From Sweet William

 Made It seller Sweet William

The kind of biscuits you just want to look at! Thanks to Dessert Menu, Please

Made It seller Dessert Menu, Please

Cute pinwheels make for a sweet necklace, from A Creature Strange

Made It seller A Creature Strange

Old street map converted into a pretty garland, by 3 Girls + a Goat

Made It seller 3 Girls + a Goat

Gorgeous papers layered for the perfect gift bow. From The Paper Tie Affair

Made It seller The Paper Tie Affair


.surely not – doilies and lace?!. March 12, 2010

Can’t believe I’m finding inspiration from doilies!  As proud as my Nanna would be, it seems so odd to me!  But it’s true, I’ve been co-erced by some unusual creative urge to incorporate the humble and previously very kitsch and daggy doily into one of my projects.  And it probably won’t be the last.

I’m blaming Moxie Fab World for this one…they have a doilies and lace challenge going!!

I started to see this little doily trend emerging not that long ago, and thought, “surely not!”  But it has grown on me, in some cases.  To the point that I had to try it.  But as is often the case with me, I was not patient enough to wait ’til I went to the supermarket next.  No, I had to make my own.  Turns out it’s so much easier that I thought it would be.  Cut one circle.  Fold 4 times.  Make seemingly pointless snips with sharp scissors.  Then open it up for a lovely doily-fied surprise! 

Always and Forever card

( The days have been a little duller outside, so the photos came out quite dark.  Much clearer if you click on the photos as they open up to larger versions).

Gorgeous hardware from Stampin' Up! - Filigree Brads

Rhinestones also make an appearance

It never ceases to amaze me how things get reinvented.  Like this use for paper doilies below, which I actually love.  I think the thumbtacks are right up there with the chalk on our walls – actually, they have got to be worse, given they make an actual hole! – so I’m not about to try this one out.  But I sure love how it looks here in this photo from Apartment Therapy which I saw posted by Cath at MFW.

And now, just for fun, here are some serious uses of lace…on some shoes, of course.  They all look quite painful but extremely striking, you’d have to say.

Christian Louboutin lace boots from Style By Me.

Roberto Cavalli lace ankle boots from Geek Shoes.

Georgina Goodman ‘Heidi’ lace shoes from Polyvore.


.wall art. March 11, 2010

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I don’t normally like things that are described as ‘urban professional lifestyle’.  Seems so very sterile.  But I like Knack Studios.  They have a quirkiness to their style that is a lot warmer than what ‘urban professional lifestyle’ sounds.  Even if that is how they describe themselves.  I found this picture there…

…and now I am looking at my vast expanse of white walls and fighting an urge to grab some green, pink and turquoise chalks and letting loose on them.  Or maybe that brown feature wall could be the recipient of some simple white, red and black(?) chalk-strokes.  Hmmm, the temptation.

I had better finish this and go do something else quickly to distract me from that seemingly alluring idea, because I’m pretty sure one husband would be extremely unimpressed with my failure to curb such a simple little creative urge this afternoon.  Back to paper it is, then!

{Knack Studios is a shop in South Carolina, but they also have a Knack Studios blog which bypasses geographic limitations}.


.wise or just really cute?. March 10, 2010

Owls seem to be everywhere in design at the moment.  Why the fascination, I wonder?  Apparently it’s not because they are wise, as is the typical association.  I read online at Big Site of Amazing Facts that for its size, the owl has a small brain, and is not as smart as geese, crows, and ravens!  Huh, disappointing.

Perhaps we have been fooled by the serious look on the owl’s face or those large, wide-awake eyes, and the ability to turn their entire head 180 degrees without moving any other body part!  Now that would be a very useful skill to have!!

So I have been caught up a little in the owl fascination, (in craft form, of course), and have my own little owl card to share.  This one will end up in the Embellish Magazine Colour Challenge with Borders.  I will have to make this one into a little felt hair accessory or brooch as well, I think!

 Embellish Magazine is a wonderful source of ideas and creativity.  I’ve been following their challenges for a while now, and am amazed at how they keep coming up with new ideas/combinations.  

One of my favourite bloggers, Tina Fussel (a.k.a. Traveling Mama) is part of the Embellish design team, and I’m stoked to see she commented on my last Embellish Mag challenge entry!!  Her blog was one of the inspirations for me starting my Molto Piccolo blog, so I have just LOVED having her visit every now and then!   {Thanks heaps, Tina!} 

Hope you are finding plenty of good ideas around you, and also finding the time to put them into action!  Don’t forget to let me know what you are up to, too…you know I love to hear about it all!

Love Ruth xx


.keep the colour coming. March 6, 2010

I have found one of the happiest mood boards I’ve seen in a while, and the colours have inspired a project or 3. 

Inspiration Board by Kelly Oshiro via Santa Barbara Chic

This image is the current Tuesday Trigger: Sweet on Spring at Moxie Fab World  submitted by Kim Wilson.

At the same time, I found the Colour Combination Just Add Ink Challenge #7, which has very similar colour themes.  Such a great blog with so many ideas to get excited about! 

So I am playing along with both challenges.

I also tried something new with these 3 cards…I made the second one from the offcuts of the first, and the third one from the offcuts of the second.  It is amazing to me how much use you can actually get out of paper scraps without too much effort!  I think my little experiment worked, however, it could go against me as my paper hoarding tendencies could rise to new levels now!


This was made at a Stampin’ Up! party a few nights ago, so all thanks to Anna Wilson, the SU! Consultant, for the wonderful design.

Embossing done using an amazing Cuttlebug machine

Punched & scrunched never looked so good!

Love those turquoise-y brads


There were so many beautiful scraps left over that I couldn’t throw them out, but instead, created this next design making the best use of them that I could.

The papers I punched the flower petals from (Card #1) become the feature

Letters from Rough Edges Alphabets (SU! set)

Left over embossed card & a simple knot of ribbon


So now, using up the little fiddly bits wasn’t hard with this layered and scalloped dress that I would surely wear, if only I get convert it into material!!  I added the peach colour so that I can include it in the Embellish Magazine Colour Challenge with Borders as well as the Moxie Fab’s Sweet on Spring Tuesday Trigger.

'Merci' card

Layers made using scallop-shaped scissors

Flower from tiny scraps; handmade wire coathanger

Love the green rhinestones

Now that I’ve gotten my molto piccolo (‘very tiny’ in Italian in case you didn’t realise!) fascination out of the way for the day, it’s off to two birthday parties & then dinner with friends.  Have a great long weekend, talk next week!

Love Ruth x