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.this quote. August 7, 2011

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Hi friends,

I saw this quote on this poster again today and thought it was a pretty good description of my life at the moment:

(It’s by Jessica from Volume Twenty Five again.  I love her prints and she has such a sweet Etsy shop).

Well, this is true for me as I’m helping with two events/conferences within a couple of weeks of each other – the first is a visiting speaker and author from the U.S., Lisa Bevere this week.  The second is a local women’s event called Flourish which I’ve been involved with for 8 years, and it keeps me creatively challenged and organisationally flat-out!  But I love doing stuff like this, and it only happens once or twice a year. 

So I’m on that bicycle and trying to keep my balance!  Which is why I haven’t blogged as often as I’d like recently…but  I look forward to getting back into it when I can.

Love Ruth xx


.book-love. May 13, 2011

I adore books.  When I was a girl, my best friend and I were happiest when we were hanging out at each other’s houses reading.  My Dad had an every-growing collection of classics and modern literature which I still love to look through when visiting Mum.  Many of his favourites are still on the bookshelf in the lounge room because they simply became part of the decor.  I admit to buying books which I may never get around to reading but still love – and always hope that one day, I’ll get to read them all.  I struggle to write inscriptions in books  because it feels like defacing them, although I have forced myself a few times!  I have books that I read over and over – mainly the Bible, and also the Narnia Chronicles, I Am The Cheese, The Secret GardenThe Little Prince and The Shack.  I am partial to vintage books, and although I love the idea of using them in craft projects, I can never bring myself to actually cut them up or re-purpose them. 

I know you don’t have to buy an actual book any more to read amazing stories.  You can carry them all on your iPad or your Kindle and travel the world with thousands of books at your fingertips.  But there is still something very reassuring about picking up a great book, turning its pages and reading a fantastic story.       

I like these book-inspired items on Made It and thought you might too.  (Even if I couldn’t bring myself to drawing on them or punching shapes out of them, I still really like these items!)

Cute book and glasses pendant from You are Beautiful

Wall art

Simple wall art by Paper Tree Design

Cute deer bookends by Ruby Pickles Handmade

Bringing fairytales to life by Ink Art

Very cool bookmarks by Me 2

Sweet journal by Red Punch Buggy

Lovely cloth book by Baby Dimple

Useful book bag from Finding Acorns

Simple heart garland from missIsa


.love something. March 28, 2010

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I found a great site which is completely dedicated toimages of things that people love.  It’s called We Heart It.

I couldn’t help including a few love-inspired pics here for a little inspiration, because in my opinion, you can never get enough romance, and you don’t find many things more inspiring that love…


.long time no post. March 25, 2010

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Well, 12 days have gone by since I last added to my blog.  Just want to say thanks to all of you who have been checking in on me.  Yes, we have all been a bit unwell (still have one sick little person) & we also celebrated a 4th birthday as well.  So all round, have simply not been able to sit & enjoy the luxury of a creative post.

But today, I finally get to return & enjoy a bit of craft-love.  I’ve been inspired by Made It sellers and have found some lovely pics that I enjoyed, so thought you might also.

Tomorrow, when the sun is hopefully out, I can take some pics of some things I’ve been working on & post them for you.

So til then, enjoy the images below!

Love Ruth x

I love my felt bits and pieces, and these are outstanding! From Ichigo Cafe

Made It seller Ichigo Cafe

That's a balloon-ride I would like to take! From Sweet William

 Made It seller Sweet William

The kind of biscuits you just want to look at! Thanks to Dessert Menu, Please

Made It seller Dessert Menu, Please

Cute pinwheels make for a sweet necklace, from A Creature Strange

Made It seller A Creature Strange

Old street map converted into a pretty garland, by 3 Girls + a Goat

Made It seller 3 Girls + a Goat

Gorgeous papers layered for the perfect gift bow. From The Paper Tie Affair

Made It seller The Paper Tie Affair


.wall art. March 11, 2010

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I don’t normally like things that are described as ‘urban professional lifestyle’.  Seems so very sterile.  But I like Knack Studios.  They have a quirkiness to their style that is a lot warmer than what ‘urban professional lifestyle’ sounds.  Even if that is how they describe themselves.  I found this picture there…

…and now I am looking at my vast expanse of white walls and fighting an urge to grab some green, pink and turquoise chalks and letting loose on them.  Or maybe that brown feature wall could be the recipient of some simple white, red and black(?) chalk-strokes.  Hmmm, the temptation.

I had better finish this and go do something else quickly to distract me from that seemingly alluring idea, because I’m pretty sure one husband would be extremely unimpressed with my failure to curb such a simple little creative urge this afternoon.  Back to paper it is, then!

{Knack Studios is a shop in South Carolina, but they also have a Knack Studios blog which bypasses geographic limitations}.


.gorgeous competition. February 5, 2010

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Wow, just found a very beautiful competition to share with you.  It’s being offered by Wendy from Le Secret:  Simply pick your favourite of her Cafe Baudelaire ACEO prints from her Etsy shop and leave a comment on her post.

She also has a sale on at the moment:

My favourite of her prints is probably no surpirse – it includes a birdcage, birds and a very distinct Paris theme…


.cute and quaint. January 15, 2010

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I found these rather quirky pieces of artwork over at and thought they were well worth sharing.  They are the work of French designer Denis Carrier.  Now, those sneakers are very practical yet stylish!!!  What a great combination! 

So you like boots and appreciate music?  Then this combination of footwear and instrument is sure to satisfy… I know I appreciate form & functionality all in one! 

Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve attended a Stampin’ Up! workshop, but I went to one last night & did a bit of creating alongside a roomful of other keen stampers.  Thanks to SU! Consultant Kim Humphries, we all made the following lovely card design. 

{I couldn’t resist putting the photo in with a pic of one of my sweet little people in the background {o: }