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For the love of all things "very tiny" {Italian}

.cute and quaint. January 15, 2010

Filed under: Art Work,Card Projects — moltopiccolo @ 11:54 am

I found these rather quirky pieces of artwork over at and thought they were well worth sharing.  They are the work of French designer Denis Carrier.  Now, those sneakers are very practical yet stylish!!!  What a great combination! 

So you like boots and appreciate music?  Then this combination of footwear and instrument is sure to satisfy… I know I appreciate form & functionality all in one! 

Well, it’s been a long while since I’ve attended a Stampin’ Up! workshop, but I went to one last night & did a bit of creating alongside a roomful of other keen stampers.  Thanks to SU! Consultant Kim Humphries, we all made the following lovely card design. 

{I couldn’t resist putting the photo in with a pic of one of my sweet little people in the background {o: }


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