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.boys and birthdays. May 31, 2010

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Not only do I have my own boys’ birthdays now, but a thousand other little friends who keep having birthdays!  The question I have to ask myself is, why make a card for a 3 or 4 year old who possibly won’t look at it at all and may even trash it in the pursuit of the birthday present?  Well, I’m not sure I have a good answer, just the fact that there are so many cute kids cards out there and I keep getting the bug to make one.  Not sure that I’ve succeeded yet, but having fun trying.  And my theory is, when you find an easy design, use it again. 

So I’ve needed a couple recently, and at the same time, InLinkz were having a colour challenge for boys’ birthday cards, so here are their colours:

And here are the cards:

Maybe I will grow out of making kids cards as my children grow up, but for now, it’s kinda fun!

Love Ruth


.Balloons and more balloons. May 30, 2010

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There have been a lot of balloons in our house lately – numerous parties and events have yielded quite a crop.  Eli has been busily rounding them up and Ethan has chased his visiting friends and even Oreo the cat, with them.  As temporary as they are, I like the atmosphere they create.  A reminder of something special that has just happened, and alot of fun still to be had – until they burst or go flat, that is!

I love these images above that capture some balloons at their best.  Makes me want to hire the movie ‘Up’ and watch it sometime soon. 

This card uses colourful balloons and my favourite sentiment at the moment, ‘Happiness Awaits”.  We all need that reminder some days.

Love Ruth


Photos at top from We Heart It:

#1 Visualize Us

#2 Orkut

#3 Visualize Us

#4 Tumblr


.bits of sunshine. May 20, 2010

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I’ve decided that sunshine doesn’t have to come in the colour yellow.  Pretty much anything that makes you happy, smile or laugh could be described as a little bit of sunshine.  On most days, I miss a lot of these things.  Life, busyness, tiredness, cranky children, etc. etc. all take away from my ability to see the little bits of sunshine for what they are.  But thank God they are still there anyway.

Here are some of them for you to enjoy too…

Squishing Elmo cupcakes

Eli unable to contain his excitement

Friends' new babies to celebrate

Cute birdies always make me smile

Train rides in the park with a precious boy

Ethan playing with autumn leaves

Trees and buttons = smile

Bright and buttony

Now for some other colourful shots to brighten up your day!  Love Ruth xx


Top and bottom rows of photos all from the amazing We Heart It website.


.a lovely new blog. May 16, 2010

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I’m so excited that my dear friend, Melissa, has started a blog of her own!  I’m going to following her and thought you might like to, too!  It’s called Stationview Cottage and will be about her family, home, favourite finds and her love of all things to do with paper. 

stationview - cottage

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon as much as me.  Have been sitting out on the front deck in the sunshine (such a surprise, given it’s a very cold time of year where I live) drinking tea and chatting all afternoon.  Such a lovely change to getting all rugged up inside (although that has it’s own appeal some days). 

I’ve been working on some new bits and pieces for Molto Piccolo’s hair accessory range, and recently these ones made their way to Africa with a friend who was going to visit her sponsor child and give her some gifts.  So these ones were especially enjoyable to make.  (o:

(I’ve been meaning to say that often, my photos are quite small in size when I publish a post, as I have to reduce them down so they don’t take forever to upload.  However, you can view them at a much better size just by clicking on the photo – it will take you to a full-sized version).

Bye for now!

Love Ruth


.relax & eat something yummy. May 11, 2010

Sometimes, all I need to do is sit down and have a little treat to get me motivated again…I’m a little too food oriented, I think!  One day I definitely don’t feel guilty about that is Mother’s Day.  I got to sit down & have a cooked breakfast brought to me.  What a lovely start to the day.  Then given beautiful cards with hand-written names, and special presents that mean much more than the gifts themselves (although the gifts were great).

Now, if you are thinking this sounds a little too perfect, so it should!  Reason being, my very first Mother’s Day in 2006 was a little, well, surprising – no gifts, no card, no mention!  I was probably a little ungracious (Ha! A lot!) in my response, and ended up with a handmade card later in the day.  But one husband has learnt very well and continues to make up for it even now.  And the boys are learning well!

So, when it comes to Mother’s Day,  I shall have my cake & eat it too, if you don’t mind!!  Hope you enjoyed it too, if you are a Mum. (o:

Ruth x

Chair card created for:  Moxie Fab World’s Three Cheers for Chairs Challenge.

Eat Some Cake card created for: a friend’s 4th birthday.


.make a card and send it. May 7, 2010

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I’d been a little pre-occupied with making things for making-sake, but this card was actually for someone.  Novel!  

I love this flower design – I found it on the amazing Amanda’s blog Blue Paper Doll (which she got from Studio Calico).  Everytime I make one, it turns out differently, but that’s the beauty of it, I guess!  And I transferred it into a felt version today – will share that one another day.

The bird is appearing on a lot of my creations – it’s the new punch from Stampin’ Up’s Autumn mini catalogue.  Very cute.

Inside, the sentiment is completed… 

So, I have finally gotten around to an actual post.  Life has been full but good, and I’ve been away with my husband to Melbourne to see John Mayer perform live, which was well worth the trip.  Loved it, love all his songs, love him (in a musically-appreciative way, of course, although he does have something very attractive going on, but speaks way out of turn far too often and should really just write more wonderful songs and sing them continually.  This would make me extremely happy in a rather simplistic kind of way).

So you guessed it, it is late, and I am possibly over-tired.  Better say goodnight…

Goodnight!  Ruth x

Card made for: my lovely friend Danielle’s birthday…xox