Molto Piccolo

For the love of all things "very tiny" {Italian}

.i made it!. January 7, 2010

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The elusive blog.  The one I’ve been planning to start for months.  The one I’ve tried to start twice with not a lot of success.  The one that I have finally created.  This is that blog. 

Molto Piccolo translates to “very tiny” in Italian.  I love all things tiny, unique and creative.  So it was a great name for all of my handmade creations to go under and therefore the perfect name for my blog.

I plan to use this blog as a nest for many of my ideas, projects and inspirations.  If they grow to find wings and fly, beautiful; if they fall out, such are some of the efforts of a creative soul!  I look forward to creating a space where colour, texture, light, beauty and all things tiny can flourish!  I hope that you might find some inspiration from whatever finds it way into the posts of this blog, and hopefully you can in turn share your gems with me also.

Soooo good to be here…I can’t wait to create something else!

{Ruth} xxx