Molto Piccolo

For the love of all things "very tiny" {Italian}

About January 7, 2010

I am someone who loves to make/create things!  Whether it’s a craft project, something to eat, or special events, I enjoy putting things together in my own way and being creative in the process. 

I am blessed to be Mum to two young boys – Ethan, who is almost 4, and Eli, who just turned 1.  My husband Paul is the one who makes our family function so well, and I add my little flair where I can!  We live in Launceston, Tasmania, and love the idyllic lifestyle that we enjoy here.

I love to be involved at the Door of Hope Christian Church, where I help out with different activites for women, particularly an annual event in Tasmania called Flourish.  I enjoy music, singing, art, dance, reading and getting outdoors.  I love hanging out with my boys and making their lives full of fun and special times.  I adore my friends and family and love to take photos of pretty much everything that we do together!

I started making things as a really little kid and just never stopped!  Molto Piccolo was born when I realised I have a love for and fascination of tiny and quaint little treasures.  Molto Piccolo translates to “very tiny” in Italian, so it has become the name of my blog and the brandname for all the bits and pieces that I make and sell.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Rosemarie Says:

    I rarely have time to participate in blogs, but I was so struck by the mention of your fascination with tiny and quaint little treasures, that I had to reply.
    I was reminded of how much I also have always loved to make or buy quirky/cute little things. I also relate to and have done many of the things you mention, like centering my life around creating a magical childhood for my boy and girl, now both in their early twenties, with special parties, loads of elaborately decorated cakes and homemade biscuits and bread freshly cooked, healthy meals everyday, lavish Christmases with real trees and real candles on them and the whole house decorated as well, Easter egg making and egg hunts in the bush, miles away, using chocolates without brand names so it would seem “real”, and many other things. It was an outlet for my creativity when I didn’t have time or energy for it in other ways, apart from a wildly exuberant, overgrown cottage garden, which I started after my second was born. I enjoy all the same things you mentioned, the difference is, I’ve not managed to allow myself the time to make things on a regular basis like you seem to. There is always so much going on in my life, but I’ll keep aiming for it.
    Anyway, it is lovely to have met a kindred spirit, and your post reminds me of my younger self. I would also like to say that everything I did for my children has paid off hugely. They are wonderful young adults, both very creative and imaginative, tuned in and caring people. And yes, I too have a husband who is priceless and who made it all possible, and I have probably thousands of photos of the kids and family events, still waiting to be sorted out….
    Your life sounds wonderful. I am really glad for you!

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Hi Rosemarie, thanks so much for your amazing message…it is always so great when someone appreciates what you are doing and wants to let you know. I’m so impressed by all the special things you did for your children as they were growing up. What a beautiful magical childhood they have had, and what a great reward for you to see the adults they’ve become. I often think of all the things I’m not good at as a parent, but have decided that what I do have, (lots of love, creativity, faith & hope in God, care for others), I will give to my sons in abundance. And those things, to me, are the most important anyway. 🙂 I am very grateful for being able to enjoy some of my creative interests during this full season of my life, but I’m also still learning how to balance that with my family’s needs. Having a blog is such a great outlet for me, a wonderful way to share some beloved parts of my life, and to meet other creative, kindred souls, like yourself. 🙂 I do hope you find more time to enjoy the beauty of your creative side, & find lots of inspiration all around you! Ruth xo

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