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.scooter love. January 16, 2012

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Anybody else out there think scooters are fabulous?  Ever since visiting the city of Athens in 2000, I have dreamed of one day owning a scooter.  However, I would personally hate to drive one in the crazy traffic in Athens!  I watched in fascination/horror as very brave moped drivers wound their way through intensely busy lanes of traffic.  Then we visited some of the Greek Islands, and although the moped drivers didn’t have to contend with such crazy traffic there, they did have to navigate some perilous-looking cliff-edge roads.  I can certainly imagine myself cruising on one in the not-so-crazy streets of Launceston.  However, it’s not a very practical option for this point in my life, with two little people in tow.  But a nice dream nether-the-less.
I took this photo of one I used to admire every time I went past The Mill Providore in Launceston, but sadly, it doesn’t reside there anymore.
But there are always cute scooter items available from handmade markets and stores, and Made It has a few on offer:

Scooter Coin Purse by Seventh Sphere

Hope you have a wonderfully carefree day. 
Love Ruth x