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.oriental beauty. March 3, 2010

'Hanami' wall sticker from

I have a love of oriental style – such a beautiful mix of minimalism and intricate design.  There is a tranquility to the style that I really like, and at the same time, so much detail to be intrigued by.  

Sadly, I’ve never even visited an Asian country – the closest I’ve come is the Bangkok and Singapore international airports.  I have been to the Asian continent, but I was in Egypt, so I don’t think that counts as an oriental adventure.  (Yes, I know, Egypt is in north Africa.  But it’s also in Asia.  The only country to span two continents, apparently.  Cross over the Suez Canal & you will hear it for yourself, I expect!)

So I’ll just enjoy some beautiful images for now…

Hope you are finding this colour infusion good for your day!

My card below is made using the Haiku designer paper from the Stampin’ Up range.  And the stamp is from their Too Terrific Tags set.  Citrus colour combos are everywhere at the moment, but it seems that the orient has been incorporating it for a very long time!  This card was made for the wonderful Just Add Ink Challenge #6, which is always worth checking out!

Haiku double sided designer paper

Knotted string and a blossom thankyou stamp

Can't go wrong with citrus

Love Ruth x