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.sweet Ivy Ruth. July 28, 2010

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Recently, a beautiful little girl named Ivy Ruth joined her proud new parents on the outside, and I am very honoured to share a name with her!  Every time I mention her to Ethan by her first name only, I am politely reminded that she is “Ivy Ruth, like mummy”…very sweet. 

When Ivy was born, I wanted to make her a cute little felt bird rattle.  So when I set up my Molto Piccolo Facebook Group not long after that, I just had to name that design an ‘Ivy Birdie’ after her. 

Here are some photos of Ivy with her gift…

It is always worth tasting your toys to establish whether you really like them or not...

CONGRATULATIONS to Dani & Kristie – your new daughter is completely adorable!


Th original version was white on one side and chocolate on the other, but more recently I have made the same design in grey/pink. 

Hope you’re enjoying your week and finding lots of lovely things to be inspired by.

Love Ruth x

(Ivy Birdies are available for $9.50 and can be ordered via this blog or via my Facebook page).


.molto piccolo on facebook. July 5, 2010

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I have a simple little Facebook page for you to join up to if you would like to!  Click here to go to it.

It serves the purpose of showcasing all the things I have been selling in the last few months, as they are a bit hard to find on my blog when people have asked.  So this is {hopefully} a better way to show them to those interested.  I really need to get around to setting up a proper shop on Made It but that will have to wait for another day, and in the meantime, Facebook is a great way to get it out there!

I’ll just leave you with a happy friendship heart card that was for a special friends’ birthday recently.  Hoping you have lots of love and friendship in your life right now!

 Love, Ruth