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.goes together like red & pink, blue & green. February 18, 2011

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I remember hearing as a child that you should never wear red and pink together because they clashed awfully.  I thought that was so disappointing – here were two of my childhood-favourite colours, and I was not supposed to put them together?  But my red “clodhoppers” as I called them (big chunky Mary-Jane shoes) and a little pink dress looked so good together, in my opinion!  Who decided that was a colour-rule?  Obviously someone who’d never seen reds and pinks strewn across the sky at night in extravagant brushstrokes.  And perhaps they’d never seen one of those magnificent roses that are bright pink in the centre with brilliant red outer petals.

Then, when I was a bit older, my Mum told me of the saying “blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between”…and followed it with something like “but that’s a silly rule, don’t you think?”  So I never took that one seriously, either.  Obviously the person who came up with that had never been transfixed by the incredible blues and greens of the ocean in calm waters or the extraordinary plumes of a peacock’s vibrant tail. 

So I like the current Embellish Challenge a lot, it breaks those silly old rules and puts pink, red, blue and green together.  That’s what I like to see!

I included felt and cotton in this one, given much of my crafting time includes those two things, whilst filling orders for little birds and flowers and whatever else I can think up!

Heard any other funny old sayings lately, or stuffy rules that were meant to be broken??  Comment away!

Love Ruth x


.lovely owls. February 15, 2011

It always amazes me how much I like birds and what a woos I am when it actually comes to the real thing.  Like this morning – a partly grown starling flew into our glass sliding doors in a very unforgiving manner.  Poor little thing, I didn’t hold a lot of hope for it.  It sat on our back deck huffing & puffing for quite some time, beak open.  I ummed and ahhed about whether I should head out to move it out of harm’s ways from the local cats (I had locked my cat inside as soon as I saw it).  But the thought of somehow picking it up & putting it somewhere else made me a little anxious, so I thought I’d give it a few more minutes to recover. 

After about 10 mins, it went very still and stayed that way for a while.  During this time, I thought maybe it had died with its eyes open.  I started to get a tad (disproportionately) sad, as I do when anything dies. 

But as I watched from the other side of the glass doors, it finally blinked an eye, and then moved its head to watch me as I moved from one side to the other.  Yay, good sign!

So, as part of my constant conversation with God, I asked that it could regain its strength and fly away without having to go through the ordeal of me squealing and jumping as I tried to “rescue” it, and putting it into any more shock than it already was. 

I took a quick shower and came back tentatively to an empty back deck – good for you, little birdie!  (Don’t even try to suggest that a cat came by after all!!)  I’m so very glad I didn’t have to intervene. (o:  Like I said, such a woos.

Well, I’m much more comfortable with the paper kind of birds, and these little owls graced a recent Valentine’s Day card that I made…got the idea from the delightful My Owl Barn blog, and had fun creating this one.  

If you celebrated St. Valentine’s lovey-dovey day, I hope you had a great one! 

Love Ruth x

EDITED TO ADD: Silly me, totally forgot to mention that I’m playing along with the Embellish Magazine Colour Trends Challenge with Hearts, which I adore!  The gorgeous images are by talented Tina a.k.a. Traveling Mama.


.sending smiles. February 9, 2011

Sometimes errors can’t be fixed, but other times, they just become a new creative challenge…this card started well, then got a little messy, then was salvaged & has turned into one of my favourites!

The top left corner was originally blank.  I decided the blank bit was too large in comparison to the placement and shape of the beautiful blossom stamp (from the lovely ‘Easter Blossoms’ Stampin’ Up set).  So I stamped some of the blossom off the top left hand corner of the page…however, it turns out the rubber image on the bottom of the stamp and the image sticker on the top were not lined up, so everytime I stamped, it was completely in the wrong place.  So frustrating when you know exactly what you are trying to achieve.

So, after putting it down for an hour, I decided to so some more tearing & cover the whole mess up with the blossomed paper (Christina Re paper designs).  (Thanks to my friend Bec for the indirect inspiration – she made a fantastic bloke’s Valentine’s Day card recently with torn paper at the top & bottom of the card with the sentiment in the centre, & it helped me salvage this one).

Next, to felt…

This little bluebird brooch was a gift for a friend recently to cheer her up, and I’ve decided to offer more like him in my Made It Online Shop.

Best return to the jobs that won’t seem to go away, no matter how many times I check my blog…(o:

Love Ruth x 

P.S. So sorry for horrid blurry photos…my camera has decided it prefers blurry focus over anything else, and I can’t be entirely sure, but I’m thinking it could have something to do with a certain 2 year old’s fingerprints that I tried to clean off the lens the other day.  Hmmm…


.colours to make me happy. February 1, 2011

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I really love these colours, and I love them even more when they are all together!  It’s a rainy day today in Launceston, so a bright burst or 2 of colour never goes astray…

Hope you enjoy some uplifting colour somewhere today, too.

Love Ruth


.sweet swallows.

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I’ve been doing a little Made It searching recently and have put together a lovely collection of items featuring swallows.  Each item is handmade and available on the lovely Made It website.

I love each of these items and would thoroughly enjoy any of them if they ended up in my home!  I’m actually going to do my husband a favour and send him a few links to save him lots of stress as my birthday gets a bit closer, hehe!  (He did ask me for ideas, and said that online options would be much appreciated!!) 

Well, I hope you enjoy looking through them also, and I’ve added a card that I made a long time ago for my Mum, featuring a swallow.  (You also might remember this recent post which has the same bird on another card I made for a new baby boy).

Anyway, here is the flighty little collection…each image has a link to the item, and you can peruse each of the stores from there if you’re interested.

Pendant by Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree

Stencil clock by Snowfawn Homewares 

Vintage art print by Hello Goodbye Again 

Wall decor by Melanie Swan Designs

Wooden brooch by Snowfawn Homewares 

Three piece hair pins set by Malutka

Pocket mirror by Iszle Handmade 

Printed t-shirt by Billy Mac Clothing 

Have a happy, sunny day.

Love Ruth x