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.this quote. August 7, 2011

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Hi friends,

I saw this quote on this poster again today and thought it was a pretty good description of my life at the moment:

(It’s by Jessica from Volume Twenty Five again.  I love her prints and she has such a sweet Etsy shop).

Well, this is true for me as I’m helping with two events/conferences within a couple of weeks of each other – the first is a visiting speaker and author from the U.S., Lisa Bevere this week.  The second is a local women’s event called Flourish which I’ve been involved with for 8 years, and it keeps me creatively challenged and organisationally flat-out!  But I love doing stuff like this, and it only happens once or twice a year. 

So I’m on that bicycle and trying to keep my balance!  Which is why I haven’t blogged as often as I’d like recently…but  I look forward to getting back into it when I can.

Love Ruth xx


.lovely blogs. June 5, 2011

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Since I started blogging nearly 18 months ago, I have discovered there is a whole incredible world of inspiring blogs out there…it’s almost overwhelming as the more I look, the more I discover.  And no-one could possibly have the time to devote to taking them all in, there are just so many!

But occasionally there is a special one, and so I thought I’d share one I really enjoy today.  It’s called Oh the Lovely Things.  The blog is created by Clémence who lives in Geneva.  I love everything she posts about and I am certain you will also!  She has very kindly allowed me to feature her here, and says this about her blog {found here}:

“{Oh the lovely things} is dedicated to all the lovely things that surround us. I’m constantly on the hunt for pretty, inspirational things and this blog is the place where I share with you what inspires me, hoping that it will inspire you too. The blog features DIY tutorials, Etsy finds, fashion inspiration, art and illustrations, recipes, and a lot of other random lovely things.” 

Oh the Lovely Things banner

“Tea Cups and a Rose” by Zee Longenecker via Zee Longenecker Photography Shop via Etsy

Cath Kidston iPhone case via John Lewis

Vintage floral nails via Flaunt Me

all via Oh the Lovely Things: Dainty Blossoms

Homemade Ginger Ale and Strawberry Consomme via Design Sponge via Oh the Lovely Things: Feeling Thirsty

Stripey Straws from Sweet Lulu shop via Oh the Lovely Things: Sweet Lulu

If you like, even a little, what you see of Oh the Lovely Things, then you should head on over & visit…you won’t be disappointed!

And thankyou so much, Clémence!

Love Ruth