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.sweet as. May 28, 2011

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There’s something about going to a lolly shop to make you feel like a kid again.  I love taking my boys to old fashioned lolly shops and letting them pick out some favourites.  And then I pick out a few favourites for me and my husband too, as they always seem to have those lollies from your childhood that bring back good memories.  My best friend and I made many countless trips to the local store to spend our change as kids.  It was in the days when 20c could buy you are nice handful of lollies.  And if you were ever lucky enough to have $1 to spend, you could buy the hugest bag of mixed lollies.  I don’t think I ever got to do that, but 20c worth was still pretty great. 

So this card is a little reminiscent of my childhood…I made it a while ago for a new baby girl, but I guess it could work for almost any happy occasion. 

The lollies are pieces of ribbon crossed over and stuck in place with double-sided mounting tape.  The ribbon wrappers could also make for a cute kid’s room wall art piece, if you were up to making lots of wrappers and attaching them to a canvas.

Hoping you are having a sweet and enjoyable weekend.

Love Ruth x


.pink and blue. May 22, 2011

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I think I love making baby cards the best of all because where I try to hold back on fussiness and frilliness on birthday, thankyou, etc. cards, I don’t feel the same need to do so when a little person comes into the world.  Maybe it’s because I remember the lovely fuss that was made over our two boys when they were born, and I think every baby and especially their parents deserve being made a fuss of in some big or small way.  Well, a card is a small way, but if you are a card-maker, then you would agree with me that a lot of love goes into those little message holders. (o:  

I usually enjoy making things that are girlie, because there is so much boy stuff in my household!  But I think I prefer the boy version of this card.

Hope you have been enjoying your weekend immensely!

Love Ruth x


.book-love. May 13, 2011

I adore books.  When I was a girl, my best friend and I were happiest when we were hanging out at each other’s houses reading.  My Dad had an every-growing collection of classics and modern literature which I still love to look through when visiting Mum.  Many of his favourites are still on the bookshelf in the lounge room because they simply became part of the decor.  I admit to buying books which I may never get around to reading but still love – and always hope that one day, I’ll get to read them all.  I struggle to write inscriptions in books  because it feels like defacing them, although I have forced myself a few times!  I have books that I read over and over – mainly the Bible, and also the Narnia Chronicles, I Am The Cheese, The Secret GardenThe Little Prince and The Shack.  I am partial to vintage books, and although I love the idea of using them in craft projects, I can never bring myself to actually cut them up or re-purpose them. 

I know you don’t have to buy an actual book any more to read amazing stories.  You can carry them all on your iPad or your Kindle and travel the world with thousands of books at your fingertips.  But there is still something very reassuring about picking up a great book, turning its pages and reading a fantastic story.       

I like these book-inspired items on Made It and thought you might too.  (Even if I couldn’t bring myself to drawing on them or punching shapes out of them, I still really like these items!)

Cute book and glasses pendant from You are Beautiful

Wall art

Simple wall art by Paper Tree Design

Cute deer bookends by Ruby Pickles Handmade

Bringing fairytales to life by Ink Art

Very cool bookmarks by Me 2

Sweet journal by Red Punch Buggy

Lovely cloth book by Baby Dimple

Useful book bag from Finding Acorns

Simple heart garland from missIsa


.lovely mothers. May 7, 2011

I have lovely mothers.  One is my own.  The other is borrowed from my husband.  They are both exceptional ladies, great supports to me and our family, and two people I trust with my ups and downs, especially the mum-related stuff!  I admire them greatly; I’d like to be like both of them in lots of ways.  And I particularly like that they don’t expect me to be like them, they seem to like me for being me. (o:

So happy Mothers Day, Mum and Julie.  I love you both lots, Ruth xo

P.S. Here are their Mothers Day cards…I hope they like!

For Mum

For Mum(-in-law)


Note of Love card entered in Embellish Magazine current challenge: Square Cards Color Trends Challenge

Such beautiful inspiration as always!