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.wall art. March 11, 2010

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I don’t normally like things that are described as ‘urban professional lifestyle’.  Seems so very sterile.  But I like Knack Studios.  They have a quirkiness to their style that is a lot warmer than what ‘urban professional lifestyle’ sounds.  Even if that is how they describe themselves.  I found this picture there…

…and now I am looking at my vast expanse of white walls and fighting an urge to grab some green, pink and turquoise chalks and letting loose on them.  Or maybe that brown feature wall could be the recipient of some simple white, red and black(?) chalk-strokes.  Hmmm, the temptation.

I had better finish this and go do something else quickly to distract me from that seemingly alluring idea, because I’m pretty sure one husband would be extremely unimpressed with my failure to curb such a simple little creative urge this afternoon.  Back to paper it is, then!

{Knack Studios is a shop in South Carolina, but they also have a Knack Studios blog which bypasses geographic limitations}.


5 Responses to “.wall art.”

  1. Patsy Says:

    Hahaha do it do it it would look fantastic and so would the look on ” one husbands” face 😉

  2. moltopiccolo Says:

    Yeah, but you remember the saga when one of his remote controls got moved by a couple of millimetres back in his bachelor pad!!! I think I’ll have to find another canvas, as tempting as it is!

  3. […] paper doilies below, which I actually love.  I think the thumbtacks are right up there with the chalk on our walls – actually, they have got to be worse, given they make an actual hole! – so I’m […]

  4. Danielle Says:

    Hi my lovely, just back from Colour – it was awesome. Only thing missing was my best friend!! If you want to get in ready for next year it is only $115 until 20th March then the $$ goes up. Anyway, will leave that with you to contemplate.

    I have seen (I am sure you have too) removable stickers that look like the chalk on the wall (maybe you could go there and Paul may cope as it is not a permanent fixture)

    Will chat soon. Have a beautiful gift for you that I got at Colour. Will post this week so hopefully you will have it in your hands by Friday or sooner thereafter.

    Love Dani

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