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.everything. July 21, 2010

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Everything is not perfect.  Everything is not running smoothly.  My life is messy, disorganised, frustrating, tiring and somedays completely mad.  But everything is good.  Even the bad often turns out good, or fades into something else that is good.  Good doesn’t mean always happy, always on top of the world or always simple.  But it means I am able to smile to myself in the midst of it all because I know that God instigated “good” with creation and hasn’t stopped since, even in my rather ignorant and often average life.  That’s very good news to me.   

Recently, I found a devoted craft blogger named Pam who has decided to offer a card challenge for 365 days in a row…so there’s always a new point of inspiration on her blog, 365 Cards.  I found one from a few days ago called Create Your Own , which had options to choose from from 4 different lists:

     List A – Pick a Pattern
     List B – Color Trio
     List C – Embellishment and
     List D – Shape
      So the card shown above is my buttoned paisley heart card in pink, lavender and blue!
     Love Ruth x


3 Responses to “.everything.”

  1. thankyou for your words of encouragement. it’s good to have a reminder that someone else’s day is sometimes messy too and that we are never alone in all of it… love you Ruthie!

  2. Danielle Ratcliffe Says:

    Did someone keep you up late talking on the phone so that you had to blog after midnight…oh the shame of a chatty friend. Thanks for a great talk and so glad that you got new phone batteries!!!

    Love from not pregnant Danielle

  3. Rachel Dean Says:

    Aww Ruthie, thank you for this timely reminder that life isn’t perfect. In my time of feeling completely overwhelmed, it was so nice to read your blog. It made me appreciate that the simple things in life are sometimes the most important. Love you xxx

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