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.in need of flowers. July 6, 2010

It’s one of those winter days where the fog barely lifts.  You need x-ray vision for driving, at least in some parts of town (my street, for example), and you just can’t seem to get your toes warm.  So in the midst of the winter fog, I am in need of some flowers, and a card is the perfect way to get some quickly and easily!

Hope you find a way to get some brightness into your day also.

Love Ruth


Card designed for Moxie Fab World Layout Inspiration Challenge and Just Add Ink Sketch Challenge #24

I have taken inspiration from the button flowers in the semi-circle on the RHS of the MFW Scrapbook Layout, and from the simplicity of the JAI Sketch.



10 Responses to “.in need of flowers.”

  1. Julie Morrison Says:

    Ruth, whre do you get all your lovely buttons. We have a girl at work who makes rings out of old buttons, very creative ones. She is always on the search for buttons and recently found a place in Melbourne which has the most incredible range. I shall have to go through all my buttons for you.

  2. moltopiccolo Says:

    Actually, I just bought three lovely bagfulls from Spotlight, and there are so many different colours/styles etc. that I have been going mad with button embellishments! They are so useful! Any donations gratefully received!!

  3. I love how you’ve used the buttons! So cute!

  4. Another creative use for buttons! Thanks for playing along at JAI.

  5. Tania Gould Says:

    VERY cute!!! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. how totally gorgeous 🙂 and totally inspiring. i love the way your mind works

    missed you last night at Bec’s…

  7. Amanda Says:

    So sweet! Great take on the sketch challenge! xx Amanda

  8. Robin Gibson Says:

    Love your card! So sweet and simple, lovely colors!

  9. Cath Says:

    Hey Ruth! Thanks for entering the Finding Inspiration in a Layout challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you played along! 🙂

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