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.my adulthood as a child. June 28, 2012

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I find so much enjoyment in experiencing childhood as an adult.

I know that is a very silly sounding statement.  But for me having children has been a little like that – experiencing childhood as an adult.

I had a childhood that is full of good memories.  Not perfect but pretty wonderful in the simplest of ways.  Long summer holidays spent with family, neighbours and best friends.  Birthday parties, weekend skating rink visits, playing board games with my brother, riding bikes around the neighbourhood, dressing up in Mum’s clothing…the list goes on. 

But before you know it, you are all grown up and  instead of being the carefree child of the family, you are required to be the responsible adult, and in my case, mother.  But I have found that in between the extremely challenging times of being a mum, I am really enjoying childhood again by joining in with them and thinking up ideas to help them grow their own happy impressions of these days. 

I am enjoying it in a much different way to how I did when I was a child.  I now know how fast it goes, and how the memories you take with you throughout your life are not archived minute by minute for you to replay when you’d like to, but more by the impression it leaves.  Details can sometimes be sketchy even though you lived through every second of those days/months/years of your childhood. 

One thing I’d play back if I did have a minute by minute archive would be the times when my Dad played with my brother and I.  I have lots of memories of playing with Mum, because she was at home with us much of the time.  But those times with Dad are vague in my mind, and although I know they existed, I find them hard to pull out of the memory banks.  Having said goodbye to him 8 years ago makes it all the more important to me that I remember these things.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for my excessive photo-taking…capturing as many moments as I can in visual form so it is not forgotten.  Then again, I hope my sons will not be as forgetful as I am!

I am happy to say I have no regrets from my childhood.  At least none I can recall!!  And I’m pretty determined to not have regrets from my children’s childhood.  I’m not intending to make it perfect for them, or even take away their hassles, crises or inconveniences.  I’m just making it as darned healthy as I can.

Love Ruth x


.berry mousse {thanks to torie jayne}. June 21, 2012

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How delicious does this creamy fruit mousse look?  I think it’s a must try…not just because it looks beautiful, but because it sounds very easy, and that’s my favourite kind of recipe. 🙂  

Summer fruit mousse

You will find the recipe in the blog post here at Torie Jayne, a most beautiful and inspiring blog.  Everything she posts is just amazing, and her photography skills are wonderful too.  Sp enjoy!

Ruth x


.love a challenge. June 8, 2012

I love online craft challenges, even if I only seem to do perhaps 1 in 20 that I come across! 

The current Embellish Magazine Collage Color Trends Challenge is very pretty, and perfect for the 6 year old girl’s birthday card I need for my son to give to a school friend. 

He is very excited about going to this party because some of his mates will be there – what I don’t think he fully realises is that it is a fairy party and he may have to wear wings or something else equally repulsive to him!!  He is such a boy…although he does get a sheepish grin on his face when we ask him if he likes the sweet girl in his class who has written him several love letters. 🙂

He is feeling a bit grown up at the moment, as he has his first “big” tooth…the only problem is that the baby tooth it’s meant to be replacing hasn’t fallen out yet or even become loose!  I’d never seen it before, but I’ve been assured it’s not that uncommon and doesn’t necessarily stop teeth from straightening up eventually.  Off to the dentist next week for us, then!

Love Ruth x


Ideas To-Do List April 24, 2012

I have not been good at finding time to enjoy many creative outlets recently.  The most I’ve seemed to manage is to look online and be inspired by many creative projects I’d love to take on, but making them happen, well, that’s another challenge altogether!

Here are a few projects I’ve come across…I may not be getting around to them, but maybe you will be inspired to!


MollyMoo Pirate Ship


Handmade geometric stamps

Mini-Eco Handmade Rubber Stamps


Pinned Image

Flower Heart Card from my Fabulous Craft Pinterest board


Colour-coded bookshelf from The Inspiration Blog


This barely touches the surface of all the amazing things I have come across that I’d love to try.  If you have any wonderful online projects you’ve found, please send me the links, I’d love to see them!

Ruth x


.new and blue. February 20, 2012

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Take a little bit of blue, add a doily, mix in a butterfly and some baker’s twine, some silver spritz paint and a greeting, and you get this new baby card.

I love new babies.  So I love making new baby cards. 🙂

Hope you like.

Ruth x


.for the newlyweds. January 23, 2012

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Paul and I went to a beautiful wedding just over a week ago, and I was happy to “have” to make a wedding card…it had been a while. 


It’s amusing to me how I started with the intention of making it the same as the one below, which I made for a wedding some months ago, but it ended up hardly like it at all.  I am really bad at repeating a design, even when I try to.  That creative urge to do something just a little bit different always seems to take over…which usually takes me much longer than I have the time for! 

Anybody else get distracted so easily once they start a creative process?  I hope I’m not alone!

Ruth x


.scooter love. January 16, 2012

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Anybody else out there think scooters are fabulous?  Ever since visiting the city of Athens in 2000, I have dreamed of one day owning a scooter.  However, I would personally hate to drive one in the crazy traffic in Athens!  I watched in fascination/horror as very brave moped drivers wound their way through intensely busy lanes of traffic.  Then we visited some of the Greek Islands, and although the moped drivers didn’t have to contend with such crazy traffic there, they did have to navigate some perilous-looking cliff-edge roads.  I can certainly imagine myself cruising on one in the not-so-crazy streets of Launceston.  However, it’s not a very practical option for this point in my life, with two little people in tow.  But a nice dream nether-the-less.
I took this photo of one I used to admire every time I went past The Mill Providore in Launceston, but sadly, it doesn’t reside there anymore.
But there are always cute scooter items available from handmade markets and stores, and Made It has a few on offer:

Scooter Coin Purse by Seventh Sphere

Hope you have a wonderfully carefree day. 
Love Ruth x