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.create/happy/create. March 27, 2013

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I am at my happiest when I am able to create something of worth.  Yes, that includes making crafty objects of some sort, but it also includes relationships, atmosphere and other intangible things.  No doubt this is a human kind of a trait, not exclusive to crafty types.  I think we were created to be creative and no matter what your level of giftedness in this area, there is an inbuilt part of us that was never intended to just take from the environment or the people around us…we need to add or give back in some way to feel truly fulfilled. 

What is it that does that for you?  Find more time to do that. 

Love Ruth



One Response to “.create/happy/create.”

  1. 3rini Says:

    Wonderful words! Fills my heart with warmth and inspires me to want to be more creative – doing useful, hopefully inspirational things to encourage others. Could you make a yellow/gold disk with “sealed” imprinted in it?
    And a flame on the other side?

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