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.for the newlyweds. January 23, 2012

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Paul and I went to a beautiful wedding just over a week ago, and I was happy to “have” to make a wedding card…it had been a while. 


It’s amusing to me how I started with the intention of making it the same as the one below, which I made for a wedding some months ago, but it ended up hardly like it at all.  I am really bad at repeating a design, even when I try to.  That creative urge to do something just a little bit different always seems to take over…which usually takes me much longer than I have the time for! 

Anybody else get distracted so easily once they start a creative process?  I hope I’m not alone!

Ruth x


6 Responses to “.for the newlyweds.”

  1. Danielle Ratcliffe Says:

    I am the distraction queen..see I am getting distracted right now with this, while I am at work!!! At least I have trained my reception girls well to keep me on track – they know how bad I am.

    Hope you are having an awesome day. Miss you my beautiful friend xx

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Oh no, I am not only good at getting distracted, but now I am distracting my wonderful friend in another state!! Seriously, thankyou for always taking the time to read my musings. xo

  2. Melissa Says:

    I also get completely distracted. love the cards x

  3. Heather Says:

    What a beautiful card Ruth. Can you let me know how you made the flowers please?

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Thanks Heather! 🙂 The short version of how to do this is take a circle of cardstock or paper, cut it into a spiral, roll it up from the outside in, release it & fold the petals out slightly, then glue it to your project with fast-drying craft glue. Might have to do a tutorial sometime, cause it’s hard to explain without pictures!! xo

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