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Welcome to 2012 January 2, 2012

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Happy New Year! I hope yours has started out well!

I have not made official new year’s resolutions for many years, as they always seem so unlikely to be kept when you make them at a party with all your friends in a light-hearted conversation.  However, I am always happy to take on board a little extra wisdom at the start of the year…well, anytime really.  I saw this image on Pinterest via Kristine Schumacher’s pinboard, and loved the simple way this piece of wisdom is captured on a little scrap of paper.  Then I noticed that the book of Proverbs has been spelt incorrectly, 🙂 but I still like the image, so here it is:

I hope everything you do in the year ahead flows from a healthy and well-protected heart.

Love Ruth x


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