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.more Leo the Lionheart toys. December 3, 2011

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I have made a couple more Leo the Lionheart toys, in support of the Fogarty family, who I first mentioned a few weeks ago in this ‘Supporting Leo Fogarty’ blog post.

17-month-old Leo continues to undergo treatment for cancer in the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, and his family continue to be supported by friends and strangers alike.

All proceeds from the sale of Leo toys and other crafty items (found here: Leo the Lionheart Facebook page) go directly to the Fogarty family.

Sewing these has been a labour of love for me…I don’t own a sewing machine so when I get my hands on one, it’s a pretty slow and painful process!  But felt, hand-sewing and me go pretty well together, so the faces have been easy.  (:  But I have loved making these because I somehow feel more helpful to a lovely family who I otherwise can’t help in their situation, (apart from praying for them a lot!)

Hope you’ve got lots to be thankful for today.

Ruth x


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