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.launceston views. July 3, 2011

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My husband Paul, recently ran in the Launceston 10, his second ever race.  It’s pretty much what it sounds like.  You run 10km through part of our city.  He did it in an excellent time of 56 minutes and 13 seconds, which took 3 minutes off his first attempt (The Burnie 10 in October last year).  The very big down side of the Lonnie 10 was it was a horrid day.  So very wet and absolutely freezing cold.  But the boys and I braved the unpleasantness to go & meet him at the finish line.  Then we all walked (quite a distance in such bad weather!) back to where our cars were parked, and on the way, crossed the bridge that has an excellent view of our Seaport area.  I took this photo as I crossed it and thought it gives a lovely view of part of my home city that I wouldn’t normally appreciate.  Because I would normally be running to get out of the rain.  But by this stage, we were so wet that there was really no point. (o:
Launceston Seaport
I changed the hue slightly on the image, and sharpened it, as it was understandably a bit washed out and hazy.  I like the outcome.
The next day, I took a photo from my front deck, looking out over the city, and this turned out prettier than I thought it would.  (I also added some pink hue so it shows off the beautiful sunrays making their way through the clouds).  It is a good reminder to me of not being able to see God but knowing He is still there, shining light into dark and dreary places.
View of Launceston city
This shot was taken a few months ago (actually 2 shots shoved together & saved into one jpeg file – I don’t actually have photo seaming software, but I kind of don’t think it matters when it’s just for your own appreciation).  This shot captures the Gorge and the suburb of Trevallyn, with the Tamar River in the foreground. 
The Gorge and Treveallyn, Launceston

The boys and I take many walks along this stretch, and I know I don’t really take it all in every time we go strolling.  Isn’t it hard to fully appreciate the place where you live and breathe, and have existed for 98% of your life (the other 2% includes lots of holidays but never actually living anywhere else).  But taking a few shots sometimes can help to see it differently, and realise it’s pretty beautiful.  And it is what you make of it.  I believe anywhere you live, you can end up not seeing what it has to offer if you don’t take the time.  I admit, I am a smell-the-roses kind of a person, but I have to say that smelling local roses can be just as memorable as heading to the other side of the world to do so!!

So if you live in this great city with me, I hope you like the images of familiar places.  And if you don’t, I hope you enjoy seeing somewhere different to your own backyard.
Happy Sunday,
Love Ruth x

11 Responses to “.launceston views.”

  1. Jodie Rothwell Says:

    These are beautiful pics-makes me even more homesick!!! You are right that you do not always appreciate what it right in front of you!!

  2. Danielle Ratcliffe Says:

    A most beautiful city it is. What a lovely thing to open on a Monday morning at work!! Thank you my lovely. Have an awesome day. Love Dani xxxx

  3. moltopiccolo Says:

    I’m so glad it was waiting for you when you got to work! Enjoy a little Tassie dreaming! xx

  4. cwithnueyes Says:

    Very nice Ruth. My sister Erini showed me your blog. I think it is really great what you are doing. Thank you for the little bits of love you send in your messages each time.

  5. Brodwyn Says:

    I’ve been enjoying looking at your pages Ruth. You amaze me that you have so much time to put in to your many and varied pleasures in life, and that many of these can include your lovely boys. Thanks for sharing your lovely work, and words.

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Hi Brodwyn, thankyou so much for taking the time to look through my blog and to comment. I’m stoked that you enjoyed it, as I love sharing my creative bits and pieces with people who might appreciate them…it keeps me sane having a little hobby like this, and I love getting the boys involved in some of the craft ideas I have going around in my head!

  6. The first shot is absolutely breathtaking – such beautiful lighting and colors!

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