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.baby blues. April 18, 2011

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If anyone has had or has observed the ‘baby blues’, as they call it, you will know it’s not a fun part of early parenting days.  But these baby blues are not the kind I am thinking of right now…I’m talking about the colour blue as the basis for a new baby card.  (o:

The design for this card was taken from a previous card that I made for a baby girl, just with a different colour theme.

It was supposed to be exactly the same, but in blue instead of pink.  But if you know me, you know I just can’t help myself and had to make it a little bit different to the original:

Either way, I love the ‘Always’ stamp set from Stampin’ Up!  That bird is so cute, and I have made so many cards & projects from it.  Thanks to my lovely friend Amanda for surprising me with it as a gift on my doorstep one day!  (You can visit her lovely blog at Blue Paper Doll).

Ruth x


8 Responses to “.baby blues.”

  1. Julie Morrison Says:

    Beautiful as usual, Ruth. I have spent the last hour putting together felt brooches with the most amazing buttons. We, at work, aremaking about 100 to hand out in memory of our dear friend and colleague who died recently. We are having a memorial service at the LGH on Wednesday and her favourite colours were orange and purple so that is the theme of the brooches. For my first effort I think you would be pleased. The combination of colours is amazing. You would love the array of buttons.

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Julie, they sound amazing, what a beautiful way to remember your friend & work mate. I have no doubt you are doing a great job of putting them together, especially as you are doing them for such a special reason. I hope it is a great celebration of her on Wednesday.

  2. melissa Says:

    beautiful cards ruthie, just lovely!

  3. Cath Says:

    Lovely baby cards, Ruth! 🙂

  4. rdoumouras Says:

    Love these Ruth. Great idea for a baby card, I would never have thought of a bird! 🙂

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