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.quietly busy. March 10, 2011

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Well, I haven’t been here for ages, it seems.  Every day I think I will get to it, but it just hasn’t happened.

I’ve been busy making cards to order recently and have really enjoyed pulling together more than usual.  This one is the grown-up version of one I made for a little girl a while ago which you can see here.  I definitely prefer the grown-up one!

And I also enjoyed using some new papers and die-cut butterflies to bring this design together.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I enjoy making simple things such as cards so much, and I’ve decided it’s probably because they are something pretty that I can create out of almost nothing and actually complete, when many things in life require significant effort and often seem to be a work in progress.  A card can be made in next to no time, brings me enjoyment in the process, and hopefully and most importantly, brings a smile to the person who gets it.   

Well, I’m hoping you have something that you get to do that gives you a sense of accomplishment, big or small, and is also appreciated by others. 

Love Ruth

P.S. Thanks heaps for all the lovely messages, cards and gifts for my birthday last week.  How special do I feel!  xox


One Response to “.quietly busy.”

  1. rdoumouras Says:

    Love the cards Ruth. I agree card making is so much fun because it can be done relatively quickly and it is a gift as well. I also love it because I can do it with friends!

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