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.goes together like red & pink, blue & green. February 18, 2011

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I remember hearing as a child that you should never wear red and pink together because they clashed awfully.  I thought that was so disappointing – here were two of my childhood-favourite colours, and I was not supposed to put them together?  But my red “clodhoppers” as I called them (big chunky Mary-Jane shoes) and a little pink dress looked so good together, in my opinion!  Who decided that was a colour-rule?  Obviously someone who’d never seen reds and pinks strewn across the sky at night in extravagant brushstrokes.  And perhaps they’d never seen one of those magnificent roses that are bright pink in the centre with brilliant red outer petals.

Then, when I was a bit older, my Mum told me of the saying “blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between”…and followed it with something like “but that’s a silly rule, don’t you think?”  So I never took that one seriously, either.  Obviously the person who came up with that had never been transfixed by the incredible blues and greens of the ocean in calm waters or the extraordinary plumes of a peacock’s vibrant tail. 

So I like the current Embellish Challenge a lot, it breaks those silly old rules and puts pink, red, blue and green together.  That’s what I like to see!

I included felt and cotton in this one, given much of my crafting time includes those two things, whilst filling orders for little birds and flowers and whatever else I can think up!

Heard any other funny old sayings lately, or stuffy rules that were meant to be broken??  Comment away!

Love Ruth x


One Response to “.goes together like red & pink, blue & green.”

  1. The felt is so warm and cozy! Thanks so much for taking on an Embellish Color Trends challenge!

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