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.lovely owls. February 15, 2011

It always amazes me how much I like birds and what a woos I am when it actually comes to the real thing.  Like this morning – a partly grown starling flew into our glass sliding doors in a very unforgiving manner.  Poor little thing, I didn’t hold a lot of hope for it.  It sat on our back deck huffing & puffing for quite some time, beak open.  I ummed and ahhed about whether I should head out to move it out of harm’s ways from the local cats (I had locked my cat inside as soon as I saw it).  But the thought of somehow picking it up & putting it somewhere else made me a little anxious, so I thought I’d give it a few more minutes to recover. 

After about 10 mins, it went very still and stayed that way for a while.  During this time, I thought maybe it had died with its eyes open.  I started to get a tad (disproportionately) sad, as I do when anything dies. 

But as I watched from the other side of the glass doors, it finally blinked an eye, and then moved its head to watch me as I moved from one side to the other.  Yay, good sign!

So, as part of my constant conversation with God, I asked that it could regain its strength and fly away without having to go through the ordeal of me squealing and jumping as I tried to “rescue” it, and putting it into any more shock than it already was. 

I took a quick shower and came back tentatively to an empty back deck – good for you, little birdie!  (Don’t even try to suggest that a cat came by after all!!)  I’m so very glad I didn’t have to intervene. (o:  Like I said, such a woos.

Well, I’m much more comfortable with the paper kind of birds, and these little owls graced a recent Valentine’s Day card that I made…got the idea from the delightful My Owl Barn blog, and had fun creating this one.  

If you celebrated St. Valentine’s lovey-dovey day, I hope you had a great one! 

Love Ruth x

EDITED TO ADD: Silly me, totally forgot to mention that I’m playing along with the Embellish Magazine Colour Trends Challenge with Hearts, which I adore!  The gorgeous images are by talented Tina a.k.a. Traveling Mama.


6 Responses to “.lovely owls.”

  1. Grace Fleming Says:

    Delicious…the story and the little paper owls xx

  2. What a cool way to use a heart shape -to create an owl! Thanks so much for participating in the Color Trends Challenge with hearts!

  3. Such a sweet card… you didn’t say if Paul liked it though 🙂

    I didn’t “celebrate” valentines day but I did wear a red rose in my hair!

  4. moltopiccolo Says:

    Nice touch with the red rose in your hair! It wasn’t for Paul actually, his was a bit less cute (o: It was for a shop that sells my cards. (o:

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