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.support those in need – Qld floods. January 13, 2011

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Hi everyone,

It seemed a little strange to focus solely on creative things when so much devestation is going on in Queensland and so many people are being faced with such loss.  So today I wanted to let you know about a few ways you can help that you might not have heard about yet. 

If you’re in Launceston, you can have a photo taken in “Faces for the Flood – people who are doing their part” by Ebony Bejah of Caught A Glimpse Photography.  You can click here for her Facebook page which is probably the easiest way to find out how to participate.  It is a quick snap photo shoot for a $25 donation to the Flood Relief.

Or you might like to participate in an online Facebook auction by That Vintage…see the Facebook page here and see the photos of items you can bid on here.  The auction will continue until Mon 24th Jan.  That Vintage sell varied jewellery pieces, mainly made from Tasmanian Myrtle.

Of course you can donate through the official avenues also, and I know from the friends that I have in the region, that any prayers for safety and recovery and for those who are grieving are highly valued right now.

Take care, and I hope you can give some thought to how you can help.  Perhaps you have a crazy idea of your own that you just need some encouragement to put into action – if it can make the slightest difference to someone else, you should go for it!


Love Ruth x

Image from We Heart It


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