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.christmas inspired. November 19, 2010

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Recently I have been inspired by the simplest of Christmas decorations, and so I have added to my Molto Piccolo felt family with some sweet snowflakes for your tree, wall, door handle etc…

Now I can’t explain why these have found their way into the list of things I make, as I usually steer quite clear of white Christmas paraphernalia, given I live in a sun-drenched Christmas wonderland.  But these are so easy and fun to make (and frankly can be used for anytime of year), that I couldn’t resist. 

Thanks to Rikrak from Etsy for the inspiration for these ones. xx

(Because the link function seems to be out for mint tea right now, here is the long-hand link to Rikrak’s lovely cream felt Christmas stockings) :

(These are currently available from my Made It store – 3 for $10 / $4 each  or a garland for $15 – click here:

Ruth x


4 Responses to “.christmas inspired.”

  1. melissa Says:

    just beautiful Ruthie..i have been busy making us all christmas stocking with felted woolen jumpers…I love felt and am hoping to make some more felt decorations over the next couple of weeks…thanks for the inspiration xx

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Thanks Lis, they are so fun to make…going to be making a whole heap shortly & looking forward to it! You’re stockings are fantastic, I had a look at them on your blog. And those invites for Bill’s 1st birthday (can’t believe he’s nearly 1!!!) are just divine. xxx

  2. Christine Buist Says:

    I on the otherhand have always loved white…also red & white. These appeal to my aesthetic senses. INCIDENTALLY when you were making windmills I was also making them. I came up with my own design and used great scrapbook paper. I figured out how to attach them to dowel myself as I hadn’t actually seen any to copy. They sold like hotcakes at the LCS Fair for $3 a piece. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos as I was so busy with costumes and baking aswell. Will have to make some more!!

  3. moltopiccolo Says:

    I realise now Christine, that it sounded like I was talking about things that are white and Christmassy, but I meant to say ‘White Christmas’ as in, snow, snowflakes, snowmen, etc. You must have thought me odd not to like Christmas deco’s that are white!! I’d love to know how you made your windmills sometime – they sound beautiful! xx

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