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.spring weather. October 20, 2010

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A windy day is one of my pet hates.  But I have discovered that windy days have their own benefits if you can tie your hair back and brave the elements.  I have rediscovered kite flying with my children, and have realised that spring weather, although very annoying, is the perfect time to fly them. 

It’s also great for kids releasing balloons and watching them disappear into the blue…even when you have asked them to hold on tight and have even tied the string around their wrists!

Kites & balloons feature a lot on Made It , so I have discovered.  They all make me smile, so here are a few for you to enjoy too (click on any of the images to go to that store/item)…

Archie & His Kite art print by The Little Humbugs

Little Red Balloon card by Red Letter Studio

Wind Dance art print by Sweet William

High as a Kite gingham top by Brussel Sprouts

Hot Air Balloon Tags by One Craftee Mumma!

Personalised Paper Kites Canvas by Little Bo Peep

I have been making windmills with my boys and watching their delight to see them go crazy on an otherwise horrible weather day…

Eli was transfixed by that whizzing whirling thing!

Too windy for Ethan to keep his eyes open!

Hope you can enjoy spring for what it is! 
Ruth x

One Response to “.spring weather.”

  1. Danielle Ratcliffe Says:

    I can’t believe how big Eli is!!! Oh my goodness. Mind you my boys are getting bigger too (only taller, not fatter) and one 10 year old is up to my shoulder!! I want a photo of the mummy with her hair tied back braving the wind. Gee you are good.
    Love me

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