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.monday faves. October 11, 2010

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I thought since so many people get the blues on a Monday, it would be a good day to look at some favourite things. 

I don’t know about you, but I am a ‘things’ kind of person.   When I say ‘things’, I’m not talking cars, boats, designer labels, or latest technology kind of things.  Although I can appreciate all those things, I’m not really fussed by them, either.  I’m talking trinkets, paraphernalia, and bits & bobs. 

As you know, I have a fascination for all things tiny, which is why Molto Piccolo was born.  And I have a tendency to over-gather.  (Some may call it hoarding – I prefer to call it gathering!)  The reason I do this is definitely not to impress anyone with my vast collections of “stuff” which might look pretty junky to someone else – it’s because most pieces have a story and a memory attached, so I find it virtually impossible to get rid of the associated item.  It’s the reason most people take photos too, I guess.  (So glad for the digital age or my home would be crumbling under the weight of excessive amounts of photographs!)

So these little items have their own stories, and they will remain with me for a while yet, I expect. 


When I was little, I was always awed by beautiful gowns, and spent a lot of time making gowns for paper dolls, and sewing dresses for my Barbie dolls.  So a few years ago, my Mum found this trinket box gown figurine, and, knowing me as well as she does, bought it for me.  I love it.

For years, my number one travel destination was the ancient city of  Petra, Jordan.  I decided I had to go and see its immense size and stark beauty for myself.  So, when I finally got there, I bought many a trinket to remind myself of it, and the beautiful country of Jordan.  This sand bottle has travelled far, survived 3 house moves, and has managed to stay out of the hands of 2 little boys so far!  And although camels would have to rate as one of the most uncomfortable forms of transport on the globe, I love the reminder of that incredible part of the world.     

Paul & I drank from these hand-carved communion cups in a beautiful olive garden in Jerusalem, thought to be the garden where Jesus’ tomb is located.  Well, whether or not it is the actual historic location, the experience was powerful and I love that they are so simple and made for every day use, not fancy put-on-the-shelf goblets.  Reminds me of how I see Jesus in my life, so I really love these ones.

Maybe you have some faves that you want to share…leave a comment about them here if you like!

Love Ruth x


4 Responses to “.monday faves.”

  1. Julie Morrison Says:

    Hi Ruth, you are right about Mondays! My day has been average to say the least but your latest posting is lovely. You have a very sentimental nature and its good that you have a lovely big home as by the time you are my age its going to be filled to the rafters! So what!

    Love Julie.

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Maybe we will need a smaller house so that I’m forced to deal with it all! Hope your Tuesday is going better than your Monday. I’m thinking of doing a Monday Faves post every Monday, so hopefully they will give you a 5 minute distraction! xxx

  2. Grace Fleming Says:

    Hello Ruth,
    I love little! Absorbing your beautiful blog is a little high for me every time. Today’s celebration of ‘liitle’ for me was the new cygnet travelling deeply hidden in his mother’s feathers as she swam by under the last bridge at the wetlands. Mum and Dad allowed me to observe the little one as he popped in and out of feathers, safely riding on his mother’s back, taking the air or hiding under her wings according to his gentle whims. Thanks for sharing xx

    • moltopiccolo Says:

      Thankyou so much, Grace! That cygnet sounds like he was enjoying life fully and doing it in the beautiful safety of his mother’s wings…gorgeous, can just picture it now! xx

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