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.i want to ride my bicycle. June 22, 2010

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A few months ago, I rode a bike for the first time in {more than I can remember} years!  I did it as a bit of fun at a kid’s bike centre, and ended up doing a few more laps than necessary and enjoying it way more than I expected!  Such a simple thing, but I had forgotten the joy of riding a bike!  I spent half my childhood on a bike – first it was the royal blue Malvern Star that I shared with my brother, then a second hand BMX, then my Dad restored a vintage bike – a lighter shade of blue – for my 13th birthday.  Then I tried riding my brother’s cyclist bikes but that didn’t end well – a hair-raising ride down Mowbray Hill in Launceston with a Mac truck right behind me, and then a fall onto the road during a date with a new {cyclist} boyfriend which resulted in a broken wrist bone.  That was possibly the last time I rode, now that I think of it!  I was 17 at the time, so that’s just shy of 2 decades!!!  {Ouch – for the “two decades” bit, not the broken wrist bone bit!!}

But still the thought of bikes conjures up images of sunny Sunday afternoon rides with Dad, secret spy missions with my bro in the back blocks of Invermay, late afternoon cycle sprints to make it home by dinnertime, riding along my street with my feet on the handle-bars and my hands behind my head – for all of 10 seconds, I’m sure, but he memory remains! – and doing ‘mono’s’ in the park {I thought I was pretty cool keeping up with the boys, but truth be told, I wasn’t as good at them as I thought I was}.

So all that made it very enticing to take on the I Want to Ride My Bicycle challenge at Moxie Fax World. 

Vintage Bicycle Laptop Bag from TrackandFieldDesigns

I have been creating my own little tape images.  This bike is done using one, which involves printing an image, covering it with clear tape, soaking in water & rubbing off the paper residue.  Once it’s dry, you can stick it straight onto a project.

Hope you take the opportunity for a few joy-filled “bike-riding” experiences of your own {whatever they may involve} if you get the chance!  Let me know if you do, I’d love to hear…

Love Ruth x


6 Responses to “.i want to ride my bicycle.”

  1. Patsy Says:

    Hahaha I remember that bike of your brothers, I did some damage to my girly bits trying to ride that….

  2. Gladys Says:

    I love the heart shape of the tyre! Its so sweet card! TFS!

  3. Helen F. Says:

    Fabulous fun card! Your ‘tape image’ bicycle is adorable! Never heard of that clever technique before.
    My bike riding experience (note it is singular!) was too embarrassing to write about :o(

  4. Danielle Ratcliffe Says:

    You amaze me with how clever you are!! I rode Joshua’s bike (probably) a year ago now down our little section of road, I thought there would be no way I could still ride, but the saying is true. I couldn’t stop laughing and the boys were quite amazed that I could ride!! Ha. So I had a giggle at your story. Wish I was there to give you a big hug and have a big chat. I am waiting for Mum and Dad to win lotto so I can buy Hillcrest house – you know the old boarding house in town – I think it is on or near St John St. It is beautiful and only $1.6 million!!! I have a lovely time looking on the net at houses – often WAY out of my reach.

    I am off to GLS training tomorrow so will see Ann and Amanda. Will try to sneak into their luggage and hitch a ride back!!!
    Miss you so much.

    Love Dani

  5. Cath Says:

    Hey Ruth! Thanks for entering the I Want to Ride My Bicycle challenge in the Moxie Fab World! 🙂

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