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.new babies. June 19, 2010

So many babies!  I know of four precious new little people who entered the world recently, and I am so excited for each of their parents – each one is the first child in the family!  So much celebration to be had. 

I went looking for a bit of quick inspiration for the first card and found I had an email waiting from Embellish Magazine with their latest challenge which is a colour challenge with a focus on babies!  Very timely.  Here’s the pic of inspiration:

I have always made baby cards using pink or blue, but these colours work so well together that I gave it a go.  Unfortunately, it’s a really dull time of year as far as light goes, even in the middle of the day with the lights on, so the pictures are a little dark…

This one is for a baby girl, so the next challenge is to do one using the same colours for a baby boy – not sure how I’ll go with that, but I’ll be sure to post it when it’s done.


Love Ruth x

P.S. Cards can always be viewed in closer detail by clicking on each image.


6 Responses to “.new babies.”

  1. This is so soft and sweet! Thanks so much for joining in on the Embellish Color Challenge!

  2. This is so sweet! I love the way you used the colors for this challenge! Hugs from Denmark!!

  3. moltopiccolo Says:

    Thanks Sarah, first for stopping by and second for taking time to comment on my card. An absolute pleasure to have you visit! Hugs, Ruth (o:

  4. moltopiccolo Says:

    Thankyou so much, Tina, for stopping by my blog & commenting amidst all the intensity of moving countries! I am following your adventures expectantly, always looking forward to the next installment! God bless your travels…hugs, Ruth xo

  5. Kristie Says:

    Most beautiful card!!! Looking forward to seeing the boy version.

  6. mariana Says:

    This card is wonderful…. soft and sweet!!! I love it. The pictures are great too! Thanks for playing along with us!

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