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.Balloons and more balloons. May 30, 2010

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There have been a lot of balloons in our house lately – numerous parties and events have yielded quite a crop.  Eli has been busily rounding them up and Ethan has chased his visiting friends and even Oreo the cat, with them.  As temporary as they are, I like the atmosphere they create.  A reminder of something special that has just happened, and alot of fun still to be had – until they burst or go flat, that is!

I love these images above that capture some balloons at their best.  Makes me want to hire the movie ‘Up’ and watch it sometime soon. 

This card uses colourful balloons and my favourite sentiment at the moment, ‘Happiness Awaits”.  We all need that reminder some days.

Love Ruth


Photos at top from We Heart It:

#1 Visualize Us

#2 Orkut

#3 Visualize Us

#4 Tumblr


One Response to “.Balloons and more balloons.”

  1. Danielle Ratcliffe Says:

    What a beautiful card. If you watch Up get some tissues ready. I loved it and laughed and cried my way through it. By the way, I am the evil Mother who gets sick of balloons after a few days and gets the scissors (I don’t pop them cause I hate balloons popping, but cut off the tied bit). I will try to be a little more tolerant!! Hope you have a great day. Mum Dad, Creena and kids arrive today for 5 days. it is currently pouring so hope that stops so we can get out and have some fun!! Love Dani

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