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.a lovely new blog. May 16, 2010

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I’m so excited that my dear friend, Melissa, has started a blog of her own!  I’m going to following her and thought you might like to, too!  It’s called Stationview Cottage and will be about her family, home, favourite finds and her love of all things to do with paper. 

stationview - cottage

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon as much as me.  Have been sitting out on the front deck in the sunshine (such a surprise, given it’s a very cold time of year where I live) drinking tea and chatting all afternoon.  Such a lovely change to getting all rugged up inside (although that has it’s own appeal some days). 

I’ve been working on some new bits and pieces for Molto Piccolo’s hair accessory range, and recently these ones made their way to Africa with a friend who was going to visit her sponsor child and give her some gifts.  So these ones were especially enjoyable to make.  (o:

(I’ve been meaning to say that often, my photos are quite small in size when I publish a post, as I have to reduce them down so they don’t take forever to upload.  However, you can view them at a much better size just by clicking on the photo – it will take you to a full-sized version).

Bye for now!

Love Ruth


One Response to “.a lovely new blog.”

  1. Melissa Says:

    thanks for sharing that Ruthie… we must catch up soon. Love the hairbands I have been making some lately as well but not as complicated, just the covered button type that take a minute to make.

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