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.relax & eat something yummy. May 11, 2010

Sometimes, all I need to do is sit down and have a little treat to get me motivated again…I’m a little too food oriented, I think!  One day I definitely don’t feel guilty about that is Mother’s Day.  I got to sit down & have a cooked breakfast brought to me.  What a lovely start to the day.  Then given beautiful cards with hand-written names, and special presents that mean much more than the gifts themselves (although the gifts were great).

Now, if you are thinking this sounds a little too perfect, so it should!  Reason being, my very first Mother’s Day in 2006 was a little, well, surprising – no gifts, no card, no mention!  I was probably a little ungracious (Ha! A lot!) in my response, and ended up with a handmade card later in the day.  But one husband has learnt very well and continues to make up for it even now.  And the boys are learning well!

So, when it comes to Mother’s Day,  I shall have my cake & eat it too, if you don’t mind!!  Hope you enjoyed it too, if you are a Mum. (o:

Ruth x

Chair card created for:  Moxie Fab World’s Three Cheers for Chairs Challenge.

Eat Some Cake card created for: a friend’s 4th birthday.


4 Responses to “.relax & eat something yummy.”

  1. Patsy Says:

    opps naughty husband…….

  2. Cath Says:

    Hey Ruth! Thanks for entering the Three Cheers for Chairs Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! 🙂

  3. Danielle Ratcliffe Says:

    At least you got breakfast. I had to get my own and the kid’s too!!! I did get lovely (or luvlee as Ryan wrote in my card) cards and presents. Ryan’s teacher had them make earrings which was great, although not sure if my ears will turn green over time!! He had become very earring conscious since Mother’s Day and has picked out which earrings I should wear each day. So today I am wearing earrings that I normally wear to some fancy night thing!! He is very cute though. Have a great day. Love me

  4. melissa Says:

    Hi Ruthie, so glad you had a lovely mothers day.. I finally started my blog, would love you to take a look..lis xx

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