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.pretty palace. April 15, 2010

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I’m not sure why, but today, I felt a bit nostalgic for a certain palace that Paul and I visited in Portugal a few years ago.  It’s called Pena Palace, perched on the tallest mountain in the unbelievably gorgeous town of Sintra.  It is so ornate and beautiful and incredibly inspiring in so many ways, so I had to dig out the photos and post some of them.  

Sadly,  no photos are allowed to be taken inside, so I outdid myself with pics of the outside to compensate!

Yes, if you have good eyes, that is me and my friend Melissa in our very own turret each…*sigh* what a lovely day that was!!

So I hope you are having a very lovely day wherever you are – Launceston, Sintra, somewhere inbetween!

Ruth x


5 Responses to “.pretty palace.”

  1. melissa ainslie Says:

    such wonderful memories…what a gorgeous place sintra was and how better to see it than with wonderful friends xx

  2. moltopiccolo Says:

    I’m so glad you saw this post! I think of our trip often, and I agree, how wonderful it was to travel together! Irreplaceable memories (o: xx

  3. Danielle Says:

    I am feeling nostalgic for Launceston, however, after looking at your photos I definitely think that at some point we need to do an overseas (or something) trip. We could even bring husbands and maybe leave Jess with all the children!!! Ha. Miss you heaps, but loving your posts. Have an awesome day my lovely. Love Danielle

  4. Ruth Morrison Says:

    Oh, that would be just lovely! Thinking of you heaps, my dear friend! Thankyou for always being so encouraging about my blog. Love you lots. xxx

  5. […] yet travelled to Spain (although it’s very high on the list!) and it reminds me so much of beautiful Portugal, its lovely neighbour.  I can almost feel the sun and taste the pastries […]

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