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.wise or just really cute?. March 10, 2010

Owls seem to be everywhere in design at the moment.  Why the fascination, I wonder?  Apparently it’s not because they are wise, as is the typical association.  I read online at Big Site of Amazing Facts that for its size, the owl has a small brain, and is not as smart as geese, crows, and ravens!  Huh, disappointing.

Perhaps we have been fooled by the serious look on the owl’s face or those large, wide-awake eyes, and the ability to turn their entire head 180 degrees without moving any other body part!  Now that would be a very useful skill to have!!

So I have been caught up a little in the owl fascination, (in craft form, of course), and have my own little owl card to share.  This one will end up in the Embellish Magazine Colour Challenge with Borders.  I will have to make this one into a little felt hair accessory or brooch as well, I think!

 Embellish Magazine is a wonderful source of ideas and creativity.  I’ve been following their challenges for a while now, and am amazed at how they keep coming up with new ideas/combinations.  

One of my favourite bloggers, Tina Fussel (a.k.a. Traveling Mama) is part of the Embellish design team, and I’m stoked to see she commented on my last Embellish Mag challenge entry!!  Her blog was one of the inspirations for me starting my Molto Piccolo blog, so I have just LOVED having her visit every now and then!   {Thanks heaps, Tina!} 

Hope you are finding plenty of good ideas around you, and also finding the time to put them into action!  Don’t forget to let me know what you are up to, too…you know I love to hear about it all!

Love Ruth xx


3 Responses to “.wise or just really cute?.”

  1. FLEUR de LO Says:

    I love your work! I just found you from the Embellish challenge. I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. Thanks for sharing. {I, too, am a TravelingMama groupie.}

  2. Maureen Says:

    this is fabulous!! Yeah, I never paid much attention to owls…but they are everywhere!! They are cute on cards, though 🙂 Maybe the groundhog will be next! LOL Love how you created the owl and tree 🙂

  3. mariana Says:

    I love the owl made with borders! Thank you for participating in the Embellish Color Challenge!

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