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.beautiful turquoise. March 2, 2010

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Wow, have just sighted the most amazing turquoise biscuits I’ve ever seen! 

Turquoise Bickies!

Actually, I should probably add that I’ve never seen turquoise biscuits before at all, ever!  So these are a feast for the eyes.  I love the colour turquoise.  In fact, I love most blues, but turquoise and aqua are my favourites. 

Perhaps these biscuits are melting moments (my favourite biscuit of all time) but whatever the flavour, they are so beautiful to look at that I don’t think I could ever eat them!  So it’s very apt that they are from a site called Pretty Foods and Pretty Drink, whose sub-title is “too pretty to eat, too lovely to drink” – I see why!  

My friend and her daughter recently came to visit and we made some earrings together.  I showed her daughter some very easy jewellery making techniques, and she was incredibly fast at picking it up.  She has sent some photos of the pair she made at my place, and some extras that she made at home soon after.  They fit beautifully here because they are, yes, (mostly) turquoise!

Well done, Rachael, they are all beautiful!

So now for some fitting craft projects to include here.  Hope you like these cards that I made recently since being inspired by the colour of the cookies!

The images on the following two cards are just sketches that I did, copies of images from the Stampin’ Up! For Everything set.

For some serious turquoise beauty, visit House of Turquoise, an absolutely gorgeous spot for all you blue lovers out there, like me!  (Well, for anyone really!)

Love Ruth x


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