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.a good thing. February 22, 2010

Life if full of good things if you go looking.  Sometimes you barely have to look at all, other times, well, you might need some binoculars to see them.  It’s never about what is actually there, it’s always about perspective. 

Sometimes in life, I wish I could take my good-perspective-self and bottle her, just for those times when I lose that perspective!  I am thinking a nice ornately styled bottle – I would quite like that as a little homestead!!  {Yes, I grew up in the ’80’s and wanted to be Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie!}

So right now, I’m in a good perspective stage, and I’m planning on keeping it for as long as possible!  This little card I’ve made kind of reflects that. 

"A Good Thing" butterflies card

Butterfly and sentiment stamp from SU! Time Well Spent set

It was inspired by this gorgeous card on

"Sending you Sunshine" from PC Connection

It’s a shame the weather didn’t reflect my mood when I was taking my photos.  It was very overcast and is now raining and gloomy.  But thankfully, it hasn’t changed my outlook in the slightest.  I love this quote that reminds me of who is in charge of it all, anyway {‘it’ being life in general, perspective, weather etc. etc!}: “…those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”  {from the Bible, Psalm 34:10b}

Hope you are getting some great perspective right now.  But if you’re not, I hope it’s not too long before it returns.

Love Ruth xx

“A Good Thing” card has been entered in the Paper Hugs blog inspiration challenge, which can be viewed here: and the Just Add Ink Challenge #5, seen here: 


3 Responses to “.a good thing.”

  1. Nice post, and very sweet card!

  2. Kim Hughes Says:

    what a sweet post Ruth 🙂

    You did an amazing job with my challenge…I adore your card. Thanks so much for playing along :o)

  3. Love it! I think I’ll be casing this. I had to giggle at you saying you wanted to be Barbara Eden when you were growing up… I wanted to be Olivia Newton-John! lol. Thanks for playing!

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