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.celebrations of love. February 13, 2010

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Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, you’d have to agree that it’s a crafter’s delight.  All those lovely card designs, handmade projects, decadent foods…mmm, don’t get me started on the topic of food!  I may get a little distracted…just watched My Kitchen Rules for the first time & it has left me feeling a bit hungry!

Speaking of refreshments, I have to agree with Pablo Picasso’s quote “Love is the greatest refreshment in life”, which has obviously inspired this little pic:

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life" photo by jljjld

So Valentine’s Day… I guess if you are American, you’ve been working madly on making gifts for all the children in your child’s class including their teacher (multiplied by however many children you have!) but in Australia, we generally only need to muster up one Valentine’s card/gift (if we celebrate it at all!)  I have not yet made a card worthy of framing for my husband (only have one day left to do so!) but have made a few little love-themed cards recently for hen’s nights and pre-wedding showers.  They are super simple designs.

So whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, I hope you enjoy your weekend, and find some inspiration somewhere amidst all the love notes that will exchange hands across the globe on Sunday!

LOVE, Ruth xx


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