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.for my nan. February 1, 2010

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A sweet bird in flight

My Nan recently celebrated a birthday, and as she’s from the era when it was impolite to give away a lady’s age, I’d better not say which birthday it was!  I, of course, made her a card to go with a big bunch of flowers.  Whilst making it, I suddenly realised where I got my ‘bird thing’ from – my Nan!  She always had bird brooches, bird ornaments and bird fridge magnets, not to mention pet budgerigars for many years.  (I don’t recall her having any flying wall ducks but my other Nan did have a set of those in her lounge room!)

So, here is the card that I made for her.

Using the KaiserCraft Liore Valley clear stamps set

Turquoise & pink always looks great together

From American Crafts 'Elements' ribbon range


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