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.elegant and beautiful. January 21, 2010

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The crane is such an elegant bird.  Due to its beauty and its apparently impressive mating dance, it is highly symbolic and well appreciated in many cultures.  It features often in artwork, and is the national bird of China, Nigeria and South Africa.  It also features very commonly in origami – perhaps it is the most well-known of all origami designs.  And who could forget that crane-kick beach training session which won the tournament in the final fight scene in Karate Kid?  (Or is that just me?!)

I made some paper cranes ages ago & have had them floating around my house for so long now that I almost don’t even notice them.  But every now & then, I’m reminded of the painstaking folding that brought them to life, and wish I had the patience to make many more.  I even hand-stamped my own paper in an oriental cherry blossom design to make them from.  Now that was a creative day!

Accrding to Wikipedia, cranes live on all continents except Antarctica and South America.  Call me ignorant, but I have never seen a crane in the flesh/feathers in Australia.  Then again, I haven’t been to all of Australia yet, so I guess I can’t really comment!  Just curious – apart from the paper versions, has anyone ever seen a crane in Oz??


One Response to “.elegant and beautiful.”

  1. JoJo Says:

    I knew your craft was amazing, but after 20 years of friendship, I’m glad I can still be pleasantly surprised- You reflective wrting is just lovely and so nice to read!! I think you are a hidden writer too!!

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